LOCATION: NEC, Birmingham, UK
DATES: 13th – 15th May, 2016

Nikki Blackketter Gymshark Bodypower
Nikki Blackketter – This crew, doe. BodyPower 2016 was mind-blowing!
By far my busiest, and the most tiring, gratifying event I’ve been a part of, to date. Still can’t wrap my head around the experience.
The entire Gymshark team are so supportive & sweet & hilarious—I laughed until a cried so many times. #thatabworkout
Not to mention the folks that came out–SO SWEET & polite & patient & grateful & just wonderful human beings.
Okay, I digress.
Vlogs coming soon.
Check out the all access Gymshark vlogs and
I love love love you all and this expo and my life and just
Lex Griffin Gymshark Bodypower
Lex Griffin – Another absolutely Amazing weekend at BodyPower has drawn to a close.
I Laughed, I Hugged, I Joked and even Cried with you!
I am so completely & utterly overwhelmed by the amazing support you all showed myself & Lainey Bopster.
The inspiring stories you shared, the gifts you gave and most of all the feeling that we really have created something TRUELY special and absolutely solidified why I LOVE what I do & am committed to every single one of you!
Yanet Garcia Michelle Lewin Bodypower
Yanet Garcia – Bodypower 2016 with Michelle Lewin
Rich Piana Bodypower
Rich Piana – We had our drone flying around and getting video footage but that didn’t last too long!! Lol! Then when we got “busted” for the 2nd time they were pretty upset at us but then the 3rd time they didn’t catch us, so all good!
Paige Hathaway Bodypower
Paige Hathaway – Take me back to Bodypower!
Fitness expos are truly one of the highlights of my career! Meeting you guys all around the world is so humbling and it truly gives me life! Y’all motivate me so much and it’s amazing that we all are connected by such a life changing thing… Our health and fitness. The gym brought us tougher and the motivation we find through each other inspires us to go further in life…. What a magical thing!
Thank you times a fafillion Fit Fuel UK for bringing me to Bodypower.. And thank you to everyone who came out! I hope to see you guys again next year!!! photo with : Zack king Khan

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Jason Poston Bodypower
Jason Poston – I have to admit I expected a bit more love from the UK… 😂 no really. It was an amazing 3 days at the expo here at Bodypower Expo with Pro Supps we are growing VERY fast in the UK and Europe. Many big things to come from Pro Supps UK🔴⚫️
Amanda Finnie Bodypower
Amanda Finnie – Gymshark ladies 💙 Nikki Blackketter Jazmine Garcia
Sophie Arvebrink Bodypower
Sophie Arvebrink – With Amanda Finnie 💕 see you at the gymshark booth today from 11-16
Larissa Reis Bodypower
Larissa Reis – My Hungarian and Puerto Rican baby’s
Yarishna Larissa Reis Bodypower
Yarishna Ayala – Come to Nutrex Research booth M190 3-6pm and share with my teammate Larissa Reis and me!
Ross Dickerson Bodypower UK 2016
Ross Dickerson – Me + A Bigger Me!
First day almost complete at BodyPower…Add me on SnapChat for all the antics: DickersonRoss
Jaco de Bruyn Sandra Prikker Bodypower
Jaco de Bruyn – Myself and beautiful Sandra Prikker ! Awesome seeing you and great to catch-up a
Nick Cheadle Jeremy Buendia Bodypower
Nick Cheadle – Leg day collab in Orange County? In Jeremy Buendia
Steve Cook Bradley Martyn Calum von Moger Phil Heath Bodypower
Steve Cook – Did you know 25% of the worlds protein is consumed by the dudes in this picture.
Jazmine Garcia Bodypower Gymshark
Jazmine Garcia – My first official BodyPower is a wrap (well, there is still all day tomorrow too) and I couldn’t believe how many of you I got to meet! So juiced and lucky to know you all now and have you in mah life. Thanks for being so incredible! Plus I got to hang out all day with the my ultimate bae Nikki Blackketter. Because staying in the same room and watching iZombie every single night just ain’t enough.
Steve Cook Bodypower 2016
Steve Cook – Getting ready for the madness of the final day at Bodypower Expo!
Come say hello
10:30-11:15 at ON
11:15-12:00 at
12-12:30 workout arena
13:30-15:30 ON
16:00-17:00 Gymshark
Jeff Seid Bodypower 2016
Jeff Seid – Good to see my aesthetic brother Ssaid Sergeyevich and the shredded beast Andrei Deiu at BodyPower day 1
Bradley Martyn Bodypower UK
Bradley Martyn – This becomes more and more a dream everyday, a lot of you guys ask me what motivates me. It’s simple. YOU. I am grateful for each and everyone of you who share your story with me, your struggles, your goals..when starting out in this fitness industry I never thought “oh man some day Ima have a Buncha “followers” and be “popular”” It still trips me out every-time and puts true smile on my face that I can even be that person for ANY of you in anyway. I am beyond grateful.
Here’s to YOU.
Where’s waldo 👀…#SQUAD. Goes HARDDD.
We make a booth wherever we GO!
Bradley Martyn Bodypower
Bradley Martyn – HAD SO MUCH FUN TODAY MEETING EVERYONE!! Ill be back tomorrow for round two!
Dana Linn Bailey Bodypower 2016
Dana Linn Bailey – Love you UK!!!! Last day tomorrow at Bodypower Expo