Watch Bradley Martyn try to kill himself with a 225 lb clean and press on a hoverboard in probably the most dangerous lift you’ll ever see. Brad makes CrossFitters seem sane with this lift that he makes look effortless, while somehow not crushing the board (probs not a natty board). For more dangerous viral gains check out another Bradley Martyn CrossFit WOD that involves squatting 315 on a hoverboard for reps which actually breaks:


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Bradley Martyn Crossfit
THIS DESERVES A REPOST, posted earlier this year 🔑 WHAT are we LEAVING BEHIND this year? I say we leave behind all the.. EXCUSES- These =are always going to pop up, it’s your job to stay focused & realized no matter what excuses you might feel start popping up. You have the power to OVERCOME.
NEGATIVITY- No matter what you will always have the power to change your perspective on something, the power to realize that there is always a different way to view any situation, its up to you to choose to let it GO.
THE FAKE- this one is the worst, because it’s so obviously prevalent in this fitness industry. An industry that is intended to HELP OTHERS, better their lives, is overly saturated with fake a$$es (literally and figuratively)
Let’s leave behind all of the fake people who scam people with fake fitness transformations with 1 intention to fill their pockets. This is painful to see the drama that involves these people. “I got scammed, I got the same COPY PASTE program as my three friends THEY lied and said it was customized, I spoke up I got BLOCKED” I’ve heard this too many times. These “10k transformation”. Aka I’ll pay this person I found prior to win this contest some $, PayPal them take a screenshot post it, and have them send back the $… so I can get hundreds of my “fans” to buy me a new car. These same “fans” I claim to “motivate and inspire”
Let’s leave behind the female fitness models with some paid for ass implants selling “bootybuilding programs” to women, please just post your plastic surgeons office #..LADIES YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, with or without a “perfect” ass.
Let’s leave behind the bs Instagram posts aka advertisements with a bag and stack of supplements in every photo. Okay we get it u pretend u take these supplements for a check.
Let’s leave behind all of the bs, I know it won’t change overnight. But let’s start to become more aware of what’s really going on, start to see through it. I am speaking for the countless people who have approached me and asked me to speak up, because their voice may not be loud enough. So here’s to a start. End all this PHONEY bs, YOU GUYS..have the power