Try out Bradley Martyn’s Press Day bodybuilding workout routine below focusing on chest and shoulders. Filming in a new gym that he built with his own hands, Brad shows how to perform an incline guillotine press pyramid set, reverse machine shoulder press, bench press, and standing military press listed below:


  • Incline Guillotine Press: 5 Pyramid sets
  • Reverse Machine Shoulder Press: 4 sets of 10-20 reps
  • Flat Barbell Bench Press: 4 sets of 8-15 reps
  • Standing Military Press: 5 sets of 8-15 reps
Bradley Martyn Press Day
“If it were easy everyone would do it”
“Nothing great ever comes easy”
We have been fed these types of lines and quotes our whole life, but who actually takes this seriously? Who actually is willing to put in the blood the sweat and the tears it takes to accomplish something great? Anyone can take the easy way out, but can you remember anyone who took the easy way out and was remembered as “great” or a “legend”. These people took the road less traveled, the road that was too bumpy. The way that no one else dared to go because it was less sure..scary.. or “hard”. Instead they paved their OWN PATH.
Social media these days seems like it’s monkey see monkey do, specifically this fitness industry. People seem so concerned with just trying to catch a buck and they forget what really matters and what can really make a difference. GIVE REAL VALUE. HELP PEOPLE BECOME BETTER VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES.
So here’s to all of the people really working and REALLY grinding.. Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled, the reward may not be immediate..but the reward will be WORTH every minute of work..every moment of pain and stress. So here’s to y’all. BE GREAT. Don’t settle for what’s easy.



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