Brett Gibbs now holds every world record in the IPF Raw Open Men’s 83kg Class after huge lifts at the 2016 IPF Arnold Classic. Breaking his own world records set last year, Brett finished with a combined total of 801 kg or 1766 lbs in Columbus, Ohio. Starting with squats, Gibbs first two attempts of 275 kg (605 lb) received no lift calls for depth before landing his final attempt to enter a competitive start. For the bench press Brett threw up 190 kg (418 lb), missed 206 kg (454 lb) on his second lift, but made the press on his third. Brett then deadlifted 295 kg (650 lb) on his first lift, followed by 320 kg (705 lb) on his second to set a new world record total over 800 kg, before just missing out on a 330 kg (727 b) lockout to boost his WILKS score. Brett Gibbs now currently holds every world record in the IPF Raw Open Men’s 83 kg Class for:

  • Squat: 285 kg / 628 lb (Set last December in Australia)
  • Bench Press: 206 kg / 454 lb
  • Deadlift: 320 kg / 727 lb
  • Total: 801 kg / 1766 lb

Brett later posted on his Instagram:

I had never been close to this weight in the gym. 330kg / 727lb – I only missed this because I couldn’t hold it in my under hand! NEXT TIME


  • 2x IPF Raw World Champion
  • 83kg IPF Open World Champion (2015)
  • 83kg IPF Jr World Champion (2014)
  • Best IPF Jr in the World (2014)
  • Smashed 25 world records
  • Best New Zealand Lifter of All Time
  • 2x IPF Jr 83kg World Silver Medalist (2013 & 2014)
  • Broke an Equipped Squat World Record of 355.5kg that stood for over 30 years


Brett Gibbs deadlift
300kg / 661lb @5trong going up like nothing. Video going up on YouTube now. I love this sport, still so hungry to be great.
Photo cred @stevecam17 .
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