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Britt Olsen – Deadlift 313 lbs (142 kg). Not my PR but I haven’t been deadlifting for a very long time.
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Squat 242,5 lbs (110 kg). I have to admit that heavy singles above 220 lbs are really a struggle for me mentally. However squatting 209 x 10 reps is ‘easy’ for me, but everything above 220 lbs is a huge challenge. Definitely something I have to work on.
Britt Olsen
Have a nice weekend!
Britt Olsen
Squat like you mean it!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Did some easy front squat warm ups for tomorrow when I’ll try to lift heavy again.
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Some of you have been asking me if I’m going to compete this year and the answer is no. I will never compete again. There are just too much PEDs going on in that world, and that certainly also goes to the bikini girls as well.
I’ve always been natural and I prefer a drug free fitness world (like that is ever going to happen) so I don’t want to support the competing by being a part of it. I feel I would go against what I stand for.
Have a lovely Thursday!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – My handsome date I brought to the movies to watch ‘the Revenant’ for the second time The best movie I’ve seen for years!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Yesterday I received the most awesome package from @doyoueven with the coolest fitness clothes. I have to say I totally love their tights! They fit perfectly and the fabric is amazing! Thank you so much @doyoueven and @bossgirlscertified
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Britt Olsen – These awesome tights from @doyoueven is definitely squat approved! Love them!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Ended my workout with tire flips today (not in Timbs though)
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Bought this dress for spring/summer when I’m back in my favorite shape. I totally love it but obviously this is too small for me now to wear in public as I can’t really close the split because of my thighs
Britt Olsen
Out for a stroll in these awesome @doyoueven mesh panel leggings ? Use code BRITT10 to get 10 % off. Have a good day y’all!
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Goodnight from DK!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Looks like Spring has finally arrived in Denmark so took a stroll around Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!
Britt Olsen
Love these Black Impact Leggings from @doyoueven Use BRITT10 for a discount code.
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Britt Olsen – The underrated Smith Machine
I hear and read way too many bad things about the Smith Machine, but truth be told, then it’s freaking awesome especially for booty building.
There are a few exercises I actually love to perform in the smith machine which are Bulgarian Split Squats, Romanian Deadlifts and kickbacks. It really gives you the opportunity to be focusing on the glutes since it’s not as technical demanding as free weight exercises. It also gives you the possibility to get more volume done in your workout without it’s hurting your form when you are getting closer to failure.
However, free weights will always be considerate as the most preferred exercises if you are only looking for strength or specific functional goals due to the required balance, coordination and stabilizer muscles.
BUT if you want to boost your glute development I would suggest you not to leave Mr. Smith behind!
Britt Olsen
Out for a stroll in my @doyoueven Stealth Camo Leggings Use code BRITT10 to get 10 % off.
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Britt Olsen – Have a lovely Saturday!
Make sure to check out my ‘blacklist’ post. It’s quite juicy..!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Today’s shape
BLACKLIST PART 2 coming up soon!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Workout of the Day
Squat maintaining strength
3x2x80 kg paused squat for 5 sec
4 min rest between each set.
Bulgarian Split Squat in Smith Machine
12×60 kg
8×65 kg
6×70 kg
4×75 kg
6×70 kg
8×65 kg
12×60 kg
No rest between sets.
Romanian Deadlift in Smith Machine
3x16x70 kg
2 min rest between sets.
Cable Kickbacks
No rest between sets.
Leg Curls
3x14x35 kg
1 min rest between sets.
Calf Raises in Leg Press Machine
14×120 kg
12×130 kg
10×140 kg
1 min rest between sets.
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – A couple of days ago I received an email with probably one of the best offers I’ve ever gotten from one of my absolute favorite clothing lines @fashionnova
I was quite excited having the opportunity to become one of their #NovaBabes
But unfortunately as it is I just couldn?t say yes? A couple of their models are on my Blacklist and I feel if I did say yes to promote their clothes I would go against my moral standards even though it?s just about fashion/clothes?
However with that being said I do love the clothes whether their models are made of plastic or not, but to actually be promoting their clothes for followers/money is just not the right thing to do for me.
Have a great Sunday!
Britt Olsen
Have a lovely evening!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Thank you all so much for your awesome comments to my last workout video
About my facial expression then that?s basically how I look during every workout I do If you want to improve yourself don?t think too much about how you look or be embarrassed to make a few sounds even though some people definitely will stare at you.
Those weird-looking expressions and sounds will help you big time to achieve your goals!
What works best for me is when I wear my headphones and turn up the music to eliminate all sounds and just forget everything around me to stay focused.
Have a beastful Monday!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – So about my caption for my latest workout video then I think I have to explain myself a bit better to some of you guys about winter/summer glutes.
Being on a diet means burning fat. During bulk I always gain a lot of fat around my hips/glutes so when it’s time for me to start getting lean then it’s only natural to burn the fat meaning that the booty will get smaller because of the fat loss but the legs/glutes/abs will have much more definition.
I took this photo Sunday evening right after my glute pump so it looks a bit bigger than usual
Have a great day peeps!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – For those of you sweet girls (and a few guys) who have been asking me for workout plans then I can announce that I’ll be offering leg/glutes programs for a start in the following week. Later on I’ll also be offering nutrition plans when I have more time on my hands.
The programs are personally made by me in association with J.J. Gerrild aka the Glutemaster, one of the greatest and natural athletes I’ve ever known. I’ll be posting an awesome video to introduce him tomorrow.
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Thank you all so much for your comments for my latest video! You guys are awesome.
For those of you who have been asking for the instagram of the Glutemaster then unfortunately he doesn’t have any, yet.
I haven’t been able to finish the legs/glute programs last week due to illness, my apology, but they’re coming up soon!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – What inspires you in life?
A girl asked me this question a while ago since she noticed I don’t really follow any athletes/models on Instagram.
True? I only follow a few athletes here on instagram, since it seems like way too many are fed up with themselves and are only here for attention with their daily selfies.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your results and showing off, we all do that, but feeling the need to get attention everyday doesn’t really inspire or motivate me, but each to their own.
What really inspires me are the people out there doing a difference. People who are willing to help others without expecting anything in return.
Those who are not afraid to speak up, those who will never surrender and those who are true to their hearts.
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – Today’s shape – current weight 142 lbs (64,5 kg) My height is 5’6″ (168 cm)
Have a great day/evening peeps!
Britt Olsen
Britt Olsen – repost via @instarepost20 from miss_olsen87
The Bulgarian Split Squat is a personal favorite of mine!
Okay, let’s be honest… They are absolutely dreadfully, exhaustingly, incredibly horrible! I truly hate them because they’re hard as Hell.
Regardless of it’s ability to torture you this is the master of glutes exercises.
The main reason why most people don’t get the results they dream of is their lack of mentality to endure high level of discomfort while training. The Bulgarian Split Squat will teach you mental toughness besides developing balance, hip flexibility, size and strength.
This is definitely not one of the easiest exercises to perform for the first time. You have to learn how to position yourself right. You shouldn’t be too close to the bench or too far. Optimally you should perform them with a barbell but as a beginner you should start with your own bodyweight. Later you can add dumbbells or just go straight to a barbell if you feel confident enough with the exercise.
The exercise should be performed like any other squat movement: butt and hips back, chest up and elbows down. Keep the weight on the heels and the balls of your feet. Focus on pushing through the heels to really target the glutes.
Lunges are a fine exercise but they’re nothing compared to what Bulgarian Split Squat can give you as results!
Britt Olsen Miss Olsen
Britt Olsen – Thank you all so much for following me! I don’t think you know how much it really means to me!
I’m not the most active person on Instagram and I’m certainly not always good at responding to your sweet comments. I most definitely would if I had the time! So I’m VERY grateful to all of you who keep following me despite my slow-post-instagram-relationship. I truly appreciate it!
Britt Olsen Miss Olsen87
Britt Olsen – Photo from yesterday’s squat session in my @doyoueven Stealth Arctic Camo leggings Have an awesome Monday!
Britt Olsen Miss Olsen 87
Britt Olsen – Ready to get low with 220 lbs (100 kg)
Britt Olsen squat
Britt Olsen – Don’t know why but this post and another one was deleted from instagram, so I’ll give it one more try.
SQUAT PART 1 Squat depth
Please drop the ego and stop performing these squats. There is absolutely no reason to load up a barbell with an unreasonable amount of weight trying to look like a badass.
A quarter squat does not target the muscles of the posterior chain anywhere near as much as parallel and especially full squat. It put a lot of pressure on the quads which will stress the tendons of the knee. It will also load up the spine due to the extra weight on your back.
However quarter squats can be a benefit to some athletes but should only be used for premeditated reasons. Experienced athletes who are looking for extra quad stimulation or to peak out their strength and strongly engage the nerve system.
Parallel or slightly below or to a point BEFORE the lower back begins to round are usually what I recommend people to aim for.
Most guys lack the flexibility and mobility to squat any deeper and their lower back will naturally round at the bottom position, which can lead to serious injuries if using heavy weights. Although it should be avoided a slightly rounding will rarely cause issues for experienced athletes who already have built a strong lower back and have a proper breathing and total body tension, tightness.
The main benefits of parallel squats compared to the quarter squats are much greater overall hypertrophy and strength as well as improved flexibility and mobility.
The full squat is the best for overall hypertrophy and strengthening all the muscles in your lowerbody. It will also build you that strong solid core and keep your lowerbody in muscle balance and prevent injuries.
Full squat is also the hardest of them all and requires a high amount of flexibility and mobility.
However it needs to be said that full squats should never be performed without consulting a competent trainer.
Britt Olsen
I’ve been down with the flu so that’s why I haven’t been posting anything lately.
Today I had a light workout (video coming up later) and tomorrow I’ll be posting the BLACKLIST part 2 – stay tuned!