Watch Calum von Moger train back on day 2 of returning to training after traveling around the world over the last 2 months. Mr Universe has last 15 lbs over 10 weeks as a result of poor training and dieting while visiting Australia, South America and Europe and didn’t train at all for the past month.

Now back in LA, Calum hits back at the Mecca of bodybuilding – Gold’s Gym Venice Beach with a warmup of 50 pullups using solid form being careful of catabolic CrossFit kips, followed by barbell rows, close grip pulldowns, dumbbell rows, machine rows and calves. Calum’s so unfit he mentions he’s even considering cardio now that he’s much lighter. The session also includes an appearance from Justin Lovato and discussion of Calum’s love for Game of Throne’s Khaleesi. Calum’s working hard to get in shape before flying off again in 2 weeks for filming in his first Bollywood film in India this month.



  • Pullups: 50 reps total over as many sets required
  • Bentover Barbell Row: 4 sets of 8 – 15 reps
  • Close Grip Pulldowns: 4 sets of 8- 15 reps
  • Dumbbell Rows: 3 sets of 8 -15 reps
  • Machine Rows: 3 sets of 8 – 15 reps with a final drop-set


Calum von Moger waist
Taking measurements for my first Bollywood film. Off to India in two weeks to start shooting. #HopeTheyDontCutMyHair
Calum von Moger Mecca
Failure is nothing more then a bumpy road we have to travel on • It’s not our destination • It’s simply a process we must all endure on the road to success. The losing of enthusiasm on the other hand is like a head on collision… And all is lost.. As far back as five, ten years my goals have remained the same as they are now. But many of the faces that surround me are no longer. Much like the seasons, the faces around you will change, but your direction and goals must not. A few will slow you down. BUT LET NO ONE STOP YOU!


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AGE: 25 (Born June 9, 1990)
WEIGHT: 115 kg / 254 lbs