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Collin Joseph – TAG YOUR SQUAD
#squadgoals ______________________________________________________
It was good catch up with the Harrison Twins yesterday. Solid lads
Photo Cred: @rogersnipes
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Collin Joseph – Had to stop with my boy @jhop01 at the Olympia. Hahaha he forced me into showing some abs
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Collin Joseph – The reason people struggle with insecurity and self doubt is because they compare their “Behind the Scenes” to others peoples “Highlight Reels”

What we do in the Shadows molds your character, when all the eyes aren’t on you and it’s just you and only YOU. Work hard in the darkness so you can shine bright in the light.
Collin Joseph
Collin Joseph – Hydration. An EXTREMELY overlooked aspect of health & Fitness. I aim for 4-6L of Water a day.
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Collin Joseph – Men’s Classic Physique or Nah?…. __________________________________________
I’m still debating whether I want to switch or not. It would be nice to get to showcase the legs though lol…
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Collin Joseph – #GoodNight ….HEY! Do me a favour and comment below Why you choose to follow me.

I always love interacting and hearing feedback from you guys. Let me know if there is anything you guys would like to see more of or any ideas for stuff you want to learn. My account isn’t for Me. It’s for YOU guys
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One day with effort put forward for progression is better than one mediocre day with minimal effort for progression or none at all. Remember that. Any effort is better than no effort.
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Collin Joseph – WRITE THIS DOWN:
All the inspirational quotes and posts you see on social media and what not and all these so called “Secrets to Success”… They don’t work unless YOU DO!.
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Collin Joseph transformation tuesday Excuses are the Nails used to build houses of failure.
For help achieving your fitness goals click the link in my bio
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There are two ways to do something. The right way, and again… When you think you’ve done enough. Keep workin
New “High Volume Shoulder” Video is being uploaded tonight! Check it out & try it, if you think you can handle a “Real Shoulder” training session.
Collin Joseph
If people say you’ve changed that’s a good thing. Why would you ever want to be the same for 70-100 years? Experience is going to be what allows you to live life. Be diverse, Try new fashion, travel, see new cultures, taste new food. Sit and converse with the elderly, with people of different races & genders. listen to other peoples experiences and points of views with an open mind. Go to Raves, go to the Opera. Step out of your comfort zone, experience different cultures and see new sights. Read lots, Try and learn another language, even if you’re embarrassed _____________________________________
I Don’t ever want anyone to be able to say that I’m the same as I have always been. I listen to classical music, rock, raggae all the way to rap. I’m comfortable wearing Wrangler jeans and being covered in dirt or dressing up in designer clothes. I have done very Bad things as well as very Good things. Ill never pass down an opportunity to converse with an interesting individual and try and view life from a different perspective, Everything is an opportunity to learn something. Experiences are how we grow as individuals. So, CHANGE. Always be changing. Shock people with how much you can Change and Grow.
Collin Joseph
Anyone like a V-Taper? YAY or NAY
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Collin Joseph – Most won’t read this, but I wanted to explain something…

I am on social media often throughout the day looking at old posts of mine and new ones looking to see if I missed replying to anyone or if I have overlooked answering someone’s question and I see an abundance of the same comment. “I wish I looked like him or her” or “I wish I could do that”
Don’t wish for it, work for it! There is absolutely no difference between you and someone else. You both have the same 24 hours in a day, you just need to fully commit & be dedicated. Nothing happens over night, you will have to make sacrifices and there will be ups and downs but once you achieve your goals it will be worth it.

It’s not Luck, it’s not Wishes & it’s not magic pills. It’s hard work, sacrifice and dedication that allow you to achieve your goals. Stay dedicated and hungry guys I’m always here if you need some support or have questions. I do my very best to interact and help as many people as I can. #alwaysbeprogressing
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Collin Joseph – How to properly “Spot” your training partner!
Collin Joseph
Collin Joseph – Discipline Work Reward… It’s that Simple.
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Collin Joseph – Please Read & Comment
I don’t post much about my BJJ competitions, because…. Well let’s face it, you guys just don’t care as it isn’t shirtless selfies and flexing. Having grown up playing football and fighting in MMA before getting into the fitness industry I have always been competitive by nature and need to be rewarded based on talent. I’ll be competing a lot more in BJJ this year and be putting a lot more effort into my #Youtube channel with much more emphasis on functional muscle and my day to day routines and training styles.

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Collin Joseph – That DJ’ing thing isn’t that difficult the @bodyengineersofficial team pretending to know what we’re doing
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Collin Joseph – Straight up…. I just wanted to post a selfie. I figured you all were tired of seeing my video posts. I know no one cares about them but me

hope you’re all having a wonderful day
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Collin Joseph – Who wants a Piggy-Back ride
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