2008 Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson has the won the first ever Arnold Classic Africa held in Johannesburg over 27th – 29th May 2016. Defeating a strong lineup of 12 bodybuilding competitors, Dexter’s conditioning earned him the victory over a huge Roelly Winklaar while Lionel Beyeke, Victor Martinez, Fred Smalls, and Michael Kefalianos filled out the top 6. The fitness division was taken out by Bethany Wagner placing against Regiane Da Silva, Marta Aguiar, Myriam Capes, Kristine Duba, and Tanji Johnson. The Arnold Sports festival continues throughout 2016 with the Arnold Classic Asia to be held in Hong Kong August 19th to 21st, followed by the Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona from September 23rd – 25th.

Dexter Jackson Arnold Classic Africa 2016
Dexter Jackson – I couldn’t be happier on tonight’s win here at the Arnold Classic Africa 2016.
The competition all came with their A game!!! This was an amazing show and an amazing experience for me!! Thanks to all the supporters for riding with me and giving me love and energy!!!! Next stop is the Mr Olympia baby!!!!
Dexter Jackson Arnold Classic Africa
Dexter Jackson – Found this amazing shot from tonight. Was an honor winning the first Arnold Classic in South Africa!!
Dexter Jackson Roelly Winklaar Lionel Beyeke Arnold Classic Africa
Dexter Jackson – Another one!!!
Abdominal & Thigh On stage along side of Lionel Beyeke and Roelly Winklaar.
Dexter Jackson Arnold Classic Africa
Dexter Jackson – Ok one last shot from the Arnold Classic Africa. I had an amazing time here and hope to come back some day. To all my fans and haters.. Thanks for riding with me!! Now a couple weeks break and time to chase that Olympia title. I am more hungry than EVER!! I need you guys to ride with me!! Yall down? Let’s hear it then! Peace out South Africa!!



  1. Dexter Jackson
  2. Roelly Winklaar
  3. Lionel Beyeke
  4. Victor Martinez
  5. Fred Smalls
  6. Michael Kefalianos
  7. Brandon Curry
  8. Jonathan Dela Rosa
  9. Lukas Wyler
  10. Andrew Hudson
  11. Marius Dohne
  12. Cobus Van Der Merwe



  1. Bethany Wagner
  2. Regiane Da Silva
  3. Marta Aguiar
  4. Myriam Capes
  5. Kristine Duba
  6. Tanji Johnson
  7. Ryall Graber
  8. Chika Aluka
  9. Michelle Blank
  10. Caroly Erasmus



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