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Ok so now that I have Christmas out of the way and I have almost eaten myself to death and have a sugar hangover I’m ready to get back to being healthy and exercising! I love how I feel when I eat clean, nutritious food and workout. Do you think it’s sad that I’m having workout withdrawals? Haha!
When I have time off I honestly start feeling lethargic and anxious and I start going even more mental than what I already am!  I can’t believe I used to never workout and didn’t eat healthy! I couldn’t do it now. Once I had a taste for this lifestyle I couldn’t go back.
Who feels the same?
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Emily Skye
Emily Skye – If you don’t crack a smile every day then changes need to be made…you’re either hanging around with the wrong people or you’re doing the wrong things. Life gets tough, we all have crappy days, weeks or even months but it’s up to us to make changes. We have to pick ourselves up and pull ourselves out of our negativity hole and do things that make us happy. – They don’t have to be big things either, look at the little things you can do each day that make a difference.
When I feel like I’m stuck in a rut there’s a few things I do to help me get out: .
I try to get outside in the sun if possible and get some vitamin D – it always makes me feel happier and healthier.
The fresh air outside in nature always makes me feel better and more positive.
I get out and spend some time with friends who are positive and supportive. .
I workout!! If I don’t want to go to the gym then I’ll do something else like a walk, run, swim or even dancing in the lounge room!
I literally throw myself into something that’s different or takes me out of my comfort zone. – Changing things is the only way things will change.. as simple as that sounds! It’s up to us to make the effort though!
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I’m back into eating my healthy meals and exercising now and I’m starting to feel great again! I feel yucky when I eat junk and don’t train but my mind liked it at the time! Haha!
I did a hard leg and butt session at the gym yesterday and it wrecked me! I have serious DOMS today! I wonder if I’ll be able to walk at all tomorrow! Oh I love this feeling though! Time to smash more fitness goals and become my best ever! Stronger, fitter and faster!
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It’s great to have “fitspos” and to seek motivation from people online but keep in mind every single person is unique! Obsessing over their bodies & their “life” will only bring you misery if you’re trying to be them.
I know I always go on about “being your best” but I see so many comments on images of celebs, fitness people, models etc. online & some of the most common comments are: “body goals”, “life goals” or “I hate myself” – or words to that affect.
Stop comparing yourselves to other people! Stop trying to be the same as them! Most of these people are only showing you their good parts – their highlight reels! They pose in perfect light, at perfect angles & many are even photoshopped.
A lot of the time these people don’t even look like that so how on earth could we ever look like that!! I used to be someone who always looked at others & wanted what they had. Eventually I stopped myself from doing that as it never brought me anything but misery.
You’ve got to really take responsibility for yourself & how you allow yourself to feel after looking at these images. If you don’t feel inspired, exited, empowered, motivated, positive or simply “better” then perhaps they’re probably not healthy for you to be looking at.
I know I post images of myself a lot because it’s really the best way I have found to inspire others & it’s been working for the past few years. I always put a word picture with the images that I hope has some sort of positive impact on others.
I know I can’t be the “right” person to motivate everyone though & I feel it’s important to find the right people who help you & not just cause you to feel bad about yourself.
You are unique & should only ever try to be the best version of you, not a copy of someone else.
Get inspiration from others & don’t allow yourself to feel down about yourself because of the way someone else is, how they look or what they’ve got. There will always be people that appear to have “more” than you but the only way you can really become content with yourself & your life is to work on “you” – become YOUR best & appreciate all that you are & all that you have.
Wow that was long haha! Hope it makes sense! .
Love Emily Skye
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A lot of you probably already know that I have gained muscle over the past 6 years, but most of the changes I made weren’t physical. I was unfit, unhealthy, depressed & had terrible self esteem. I became healthy, fit, strong mentally & physically & happy.
I broke out of the jail I?d locked myself in! I started believing I could do better than that – I deserved better. I started eating nutritious food & a lot of it, I started moving more; lifting weights & doing high intensity interval training, I started being more positive about my life & myself & became more appreciative of the things I had. I got some perspective – things weren’t as bad as I thought. I really had it good & decided not to waste any more time being miserable & feeling sorry for myself & decided to do something about it.
Sometimes when we?re so caught up in what’s “wrong” in our life we feel like we’re drowning & see no escape. We feel as though the effort we?d have to make to escape is so HUGE that we actually believe it?s impossible so we don’t even bother. We go on & on feeling miserable & unsatisfied – ?stuck? just where we are.
When you look at anything as a whole & the work that?s involved it all seems impossible, this is why I believe that breaking down goals into baby steps is the way to go. It?s all about progress & being proud of each step you take. If you keep taking those steps you?ll end up just where you want to be. The only thing is, you actually have to START first. The start of anything new is always the hardest. The longer you chug along the easier it gets. Keep your “ultimate goal” in your mind constantly. Every time you want to give up, remember why you started. Are you going to be happy if you don’t try? I mean really TRY!
If you know you won?t be content if you stay just where you are then YOU need to start taking action – make changes in all areas of your life if you have to & start being more positive. – No more putting things in the ?impossible? pile.
Make the effort & make it happen, nobody cares as much as you do, nobody is going to do it for you & you?re not gong to get there by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. You’ve got this! GO GET IT! – Emily Skye
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Without ambition you won’t do anything. Without taking action you won’t achieve anything. Your dreams aren’t going to come to you – it’s up to you to go get them! .
It WILL be difficult.
It WILL take time.
It WILL require sacrifice.
It WILL be worth it.
P.S. I took this pic standing in my bath in front of a window with a tripod & timer! Now that’s a #selfie Haha! .
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A self portrait! I love expressing myself creatively like this, I love photography, fitness & being in front of the camera so it’s fun to be able to combine them all! .
How many times do you NOT do something because of what someone else might think?
Seriously no matter what you do people are always going to disagree with you and no matter who you are people are always going to dislike you!
Give up trying to please everyone else, stop letting their opinions manipulate you and make decisions for yourself without the fear of what others might think.
If you’re always living to please other people you will never please them all and you definitely won’t be happy yourself. If someone in your life doesn’t want you to do what makes you happy because of how it makes THEM feel then I think you should ignore their opinions. They totally have their own agenda and don’t truly care about you!
Live for you, not for other people who don’t truly care about you and stop letting these peoples opinions upset you. Don’t let these people hold you back from being the REAL you. Learn to laugh off their negative and critical behavior and focus on your life, happiness and your loved ones. That’s all that truly matters!
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Focus on what you ARE rather than what you’re not. – You are so much more than you think you are!
Show yourself some love and appreciation so you can allow yourself to blossom! – Emily Skye
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What are YOU?
A positive person or a negative person? An optimist or a pessimist?
Life will always throw you curve balls, you will always have times of sadness and you will constantly be knocked down or knocked back. Life can be REALLY sh*t and unfair at times but sometimes you can’t control it so there’s nothing you can do.
How do you react to negative situations?
What do you focus on in life?
You have 2 choices;
Look for imperfections and focus on the negatives in life, yourself and others and let negativity consume you.
Look for the positives in every situation, focus on the good things in life, yourself and others!
Which do you think is the best attitude to have in order to live a happier, more positive life?
Change your attitude and see the difference it makes to your life!!!
You can’t live a positive life if you’re always negative about everything! – Emily Skye
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Just as we all have different personalities we all have different body shapes. Some people are genetically small framed, some are big framed, big build, petite build, skinny, muscly, curvy etc etc. One is no better than the other or more womanly than another… which means that nobody should feel like they’re not womanly or beautiful! Making a comment on a petite woman’s photo saying she’s too skinny or she needs to eat something is just as bad as commenting on a curvy woman’s photo saying she’s too fat and needs to stop eating. .
Just as there are many different shapes and sizes, we all have different tastes – for every person who might not like your particular shape there is another who LOVES it!!! .
Be proud of your body shape and accept others for being different too. How boring would the world be if we were all the same! – Emily Skye
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I see people making negative comments about themselves daily.. such as “I can never be like that”, “I can never be in shape” “I don’t like myself” “I hate my body” “I’m not good enough” “I have so far to go until I reach my goal” etc etc.
Saying these things is not helping you achieve anything and it’s definitely not encouraging! Stop ruining it before you even properly try, stop telling yourself you can’t achieve something before you even commit yourself, stop criticising yourself for everything you aren’t and start being more positive about yourself!! You CAN reach your goals so stop hiding behind all the reasons why you think you can’t and tell yourself you CAN! Everything you want in your life starts with YOU and what YOU think!! You think this is all BS? Well try it for yourself, then judge! Start changing the way you think! Start appreciating the life you’ve been given, start believing in yourself and encouraging yourself to go for the things you want and stop all this self sabotage and restrictions you put on yourself! Start living at your full potential! Forget about what anyone else is doing, or what they have that you don’t.. Focusing on that will NEVER achieve anything good!
Say these words right now: .
“I will (insert what your goal is)”
“I am good enough”
“I am capable”
“I deserve this”
“I don’t care what others think”
“I’m doing this for me”
“I take control of my life”
“I am happy, positive and determined”
“Nothing and NOBODY is going to stop me!” – Or make up your own affirmations!
Say these everyday! Even though you might feel silly just do it anyway! especially before you go to a job interview, meeting or some other situation that you might be feeling uncomfortable or scared about.
Affirmations and self belief have honestly helped me SO much and I hope they can help you too!
Love Emily Skye
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I’m a big believer in having aspirations & aiming high as long as your goals are realistic & achievable! There’s no point trying to achieve something that is simply unrealistic… For example; I know I am not tall enough to be a catwalk model so I don’t bother wasting my time trying to be one, I know I’m not academic enough to be a doctor so I don’t bother trying to be one!
Know your potential, choose something that you enjoy & you know is achievable for you & do what needs to be done to achieve it! If that means changing our hair, losing weight, studying, moving away..whatever it takes you need to be willing to do it if it’s what you really want. Focus on your dreams but also have a back up plan, just in case. Being prepared and having this backup is so important..and just because you might not achieve your goal right now doesn?t mean you won?t down the track!
Know your potential, dream big, believe in yourself, do what needs to be done to give you the best chance of success, be adaptable & resilient & have a back up plan! – Emily Skye
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Usually what’s holding you back the most is YOU! Get out of your own way!! – Emily Skye
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IT’S MY 30TH BIRTHDAY!! WOW! Today is finally the day!!!! For those that didn’t guess the answer from my post yesterday, today is a BIG day for me as it’s now officially 30 years since I’ve arrived on planet earth! (I’m an alien) YES – I’ve hit the BIG 3-0!
It’s been an amazing ride so far. Today I am a much more confident and happier person, and everyone out there has played a big part in that so thank you all so much!!! – Emily Skye
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One of the most asked questions I receive is: “How do you get rid of belly fat?” or “How do you get a toned tummy?
Here’s my advice:
Firstly, a bit of belly fat is perfectly normal and healthy so don’t obsess over getting rid of every little bit! Our tummy is one of the last places we lose fat too so try not to get fed up if you don’t see any changes for a while. The best way to get a toned belly is to do HIIT combined with strength training and have a consistent healthy diet. You can’t spot reduce so you’ll need to burn fat from all over your body and doing a thousand crunches a day will not work if your diet isn’t healthy! Your diet plays a huge part in losing belly fat, and it’s almost impossible to out train a bad diet!
Eat healthy and be balanced, don’t over eat or under eat – keep that metabolism efficient & do strength training and HIIT to get the best results. – Emily Skye

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What’s your attitude towards yourself every day? Are you positive about yourself? I think we’re all guilty of being critical of ourselves at times. I try hard to be kind to myself but I still have times where I’m not so nice to myself. I don’t know why I do it.
Telling ourselves we’re no good at something is not going to help us BE good at anything and we’re definitely not going to feel good.
Tell yourself what you’d tell your loved ones. Positive thoughts and affirmations make a world of difference! Get into a habit of being positive and kinder to yourself every day. If you think something negative about yourself then stop yourself quick smart and replace it with a compliment. I know it’s hard but it does help!
What you tell yourself every day has the ability to either tear you down or lift you up. – Let’s all start being kinder to ourselves!
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A behind the scenes pic from my cover shoot and workout feature in @musclesndfitnesshers – Don’t forget to get your copy to get my 1 week training schedule! Out now!
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I’ve been working on activating my glutes properly so I’ve incorporated some side lunges and steps with a band around my legs so I can push out against it and really work my glute medius.
You can step sideways kind of like a crab step keeping your legs bent like I’m doing in the pic or you can do actual squats with the band around your legs above your knees. Make sure you push against the band (knees out) and don’t let them go in.
These bands are fantastic – they’re cheap and light so you can take them with you anywhere and they really burn your glutes and legs!
Big booty here I come!
Thanks for the activation tips @Jono.Freeman
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I spent the day relaxing by the pool & in the steam room.. It was a perfect day after the hectic week I had! Anyone who knows me knows that I have a fear of public speaking and I went on the TV show ‘Mornings on 9’ on Friday then ran a group workout for The Goodlife Wellness Festival yesterday. I had never run a group workout before as I had only trained people one-on-one. I was SO nervous about it considering I’d never done anything like it before and my first go would be on a stage with hundreds of people! … But I overcame my fear and did it! I did the best I could and everyone said they loved it so I’m over the moon! I have to say, overcoming my fears makes me feel better than ever – like I’m capable of achieving anything! I love this feeling!
Life is full of scary situations, and so many times people get SO scared of something that they just quit and don’t even bother. Their fear is too intense that they’d rather stay just where they are than face their fears. To anyone who has fears that are holding them back: Feel the fear and do it anyway! – It’s totally normal to feel afraid of something so don’t let those fears stop you from living your life the best you can and reaching your goals. You will feel on top of the world and unstoppable once you’ve conquered those fears!
Believe in yourself and face those fears head on – you are SO much more capable than you think you are!! I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend! You can do anything you want to do and be anyone you want to be – don’t you forget it!!
Love Emily Skye
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What a day! My ‘Emily Skye’s Daily Workouts’ app is now number 1 in the Australian App Store under the free apps for “health & fitness” – I can’t believe it!
– Thank you so much to everyone who has downloaded my app and left positive reviews! This app has taken a year to make and the android version is still being tested right now (should be ready in a week or so). When I decided to make this app I had no idea it would be such a massive job..but my team and I didn’t want to give up! I want everyone to be able to get fit and healthy because I know how much it has changed my life! I hope you all love my app and it helps you reach your goals!
We’ll be adding all of my FIT phases into the app too so they’re easy to use, phase 1 is already in there.
Happy training everyone!! Please leave a review in the App Store if you can. I’d love to read your feedback.
Lots of love,
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What keeps me motivated?
I know what it feels like to not be healthy, fit, confident and positive and I don’t want to go back to feeling that way.
I know what it feels like when I am my best and I want to feel that way for as long as I can.
I feel better when I exercise and eat nutritious food. I have more energy and feel lighter and strong. My digestive system functions better when I eat healthy food and the bloating, discomfort, pains and inflammation goes away.
My mind feels happier, clearer and more positive – it’s like clouds have been lifted off my mind & I’m on a high.
I love what it does for me physically – it’s given me a strong, fit body.
I used to have a bad lower back when I was younger & had trouble walking around. I have built muscle, worked on balance and strengthened my core which supports my spine which has helped me heaps!
I also have never felt more confident in the way I look and I wish more people felt this way because I know what it feels like to not be.
There are so many reasons why I choose this lifestyle and all of these reasons keep me motivated to keep going. – I eat healthy food most of the time, I have treats every now and then, I lift weights & do HIIT 3-4 days a week and I take time to rest and recover. – For me it’s all about being healthy and balanced and feeling good mentally and physically is most important.
What keeps you motivated?
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I love the feeling of being my best, but I’ve also learnt to accept myself when I’m not. Life has its ups and downs and we have bad days & times of feeling low. That’s why I think it’s important that we appreciate all the little things we have and make the most of the good times.
Becoming healthy and fit is a process, it takes commitment and consistency. The harder we have to work and the longer it takes to reach a goal the more we appreciate it when we finally reach it!
Appreciate the progress, learn, grow and be proud of every step you take, but also forgive yourself if you slip up – remember you’re only human!
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I’ve been reading through a lot of comments and have noticed some common comments: “I don’t have time to workout every day”, “I can’t afford a PT”, “I love food too much” etc.
You don’t have to workout everyday or need a PT to get fit and you definitely don’t under eat.
When you make eating healthy and being active part of your life long term you don’t have to worry about having the odd treat or not being able to exercise for a period of time.
People seem to think that I workout for hours every day and I mustn’t eat much food to stay lean. This is NOT the case. I can count on one hand how many times I have exercised this past month! I have been busy traveling and have had some time off training but I have been consistently eating nutritious food as well as enjoying treats a couple of times a week. Your diet is the most important if you want to burn fat. Everyone is different and of course what works for one might not work for another. For me I normally like to lift weights and do HIIT a few times a week (usually 3 times) – I train hard when I go to the gym because I personally don’t want to spend every day in the gym. I also hate cardio so I don’t do long cardio session, just HIIT. I love my food as well so I have meals that are highly nutritious but also taste amazing. I love eating chocolate and ice cream so I have it 1-2 times a week if I want it.
I don’t want to live feeling deprived, I want to enjoy my life so that’s what I’m doing and it’s working. – Physical and mental health is what’s important to me.
Find what works for you and stick to that! Change up your training to stop plateaus and do what you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to have treats but try to have nutritious food most of the time if you want to feel your best.
This is my lifestyle and for me it’s all about balance, feeling good and enjoying myself. – Emily Skye
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“Persistence will always outdo talent alone!” – remember that when you feel like giving up! There are thousands of people out there who are naturally gifted at so many things but if they don’t work hard everyday towards their dreams they will just be one of many who never achieve them! If someone is successful it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best at what they do, it’s usually because they consistently work hard for what they want and never give up!
Have a great day everyone!! Work towards your goals today not against them!!
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If you’re sick of being unhappy with yourself or your life then it’s up to you to start making changes!
I used to be the most negative person and always complained about being unhappy and made excuses ALL the time… But those excuses didn’t change anything and they didn’t make me happy.
One day I woke up and I decided I’d had enough. I decided that I wanted a more.. I wanted a life I was content with, I wanted to be confident in myself and LOVE myself which is something I’d never been close to doing.. In fact I hated myself which is no way to live.
Feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to make me happy or confident..
Exercising, eating healthy, changing the way I thought to be more positive and appreciating everything I already had made a HUGE difference. Every day you need to decide that you’re going to appreciate that day and make the most of it. Decide to work TOWARDS your goals and the person you want to be, not make excuses as to why you can’t!
Nobody is going to make you happy unless you can make yourself happy. If you don’t learn to love yourself then you’re not going to take care of yourself properly and live your best life possible.
Grab life with both hands, decide you want it more than you’re afraid of it, decide that you are worth it and just go for it!! No more excuses, no more putting yourself down, no more feeling sorry for yourself, no more worrying about what others might think.. No more hesitating! Go forward with a plan, go forward with intention and don’t look back unless it’s to compare yourself to who you used to be. Step out of your own way! This is your life and it’s your responsibility to make it the best life possible!
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Just because someone is “skinny” or “toned” or “muscly” or “curvy” or whatever else doesn’t mean they’re healthy or happy.
Don’t try to be “skinny” – just aim to be healthy. Stop looking at other people and comparing yourself with them then feeling down because you don’t look like them. Stop beating yourself up for not being perfect.
Nobody is perfect and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Learn to love and accept yourself and always aim to be YOUR best.
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Time to get on my FIT program for me!! I’ve actually made it 50% off because I know we’re all ready to get healthy and fit now right? All you have to do to get my complete meal & exercise program at half price is click the link in my profile! I give meal plans for vegans, vegos & meat eaters, and daily workouts for gym and home in case you can’t get to the gym, exercise tutorial videos …plus so much more!
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If there’s something you’ve achieved that you’re proud of don’t let anyone take it away from you!
If you’re not hurting anyone then don’t worry what other people think. There will always be people who disagree with you and criticize you but you can’t let them steal your joy away. Be who you want to be and do what you want to do with confidence and don’t make your decisions based on what others might think. This is your life so live it the way you want to
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