Watch 4 time 212 Mr Olympia winner Flex Lewis train chest with Steve Cook at Emporium Gym in Birmingham, UK after Bodypower Expo. Check out the exercises and watch the full session in Flex’s 23 minute video below.


  • High Pulley Cable Fly’s
  • Incline Chest Press
  • Machine Chest Press
  • Supinated Smith Machine Press
  • Low Puller Cable Fly’s


We are LIVE
First video of the Flex On tour series has dropped!!!

With day 1 Bodypower Expo in the bag it would been a easy call for me to fluff the pillow and get a great night sleep. But…. That’s not how we do it!! Watch the madness of myself and Steve Cook workout at the PACKED Emporium Gym, we had the security, we had the muscle, the energy was next level and so the limited space. 😉

Flex Lewis Steve Cook
Tonight myself, Steve Cook and ehart_teamflex took on a mid night chest workout and a mini expo of people in emporium Gym.
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In all the years I have been in this industry, I don’t think I have ever seen so many people in a gym working out. It was crazy!!!
Always a great workout with Steve, we travel a lot internationally together, he will go toe to toe with me on many things and tonight we pushed each other hard after a long day on our respective booths.
Check out the full story on my snapchat: Flex-Lewis
Flex Lewis
Public speaking was somethings I never thought about when winning my first show. Little did I know it would become just as important as stepping on stage.
Years later it’s one of my favorite things to do. Specially in front of a Audiences who know very little about me if anything.
Everyone has a story I just tell mine, so anyone can relate: if you have a dream go for it!


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