In similar fashion to Kai Greene, India Paulino has backed up her Arnold Classic Ohio Bikini International victory by taking home first place in the Arnold Classic Australia 2016 Bikini Division in Melbourne. Oksana Grishina and Latorya Watts also backed up their USA Arnold Classic victories in the Fitness and Figure divisions respectively. Find the full placings listed below with the prejudging call-outs for all women’s divisions and comments from the Top 6.


  1. India Paulino
  2. Janet Layug
  3. Justine Munro
  4. Sheena Jayne Martin
  5. Courtney King
  6. Stephanie Mahoe
  7. Narmin Assria
  8. Sara Back
  9. Tatiana Debique
  10. Jessica Lynn
  11. Jaclyn Wilson
  12. Caryn Paolini
  13. Barbie Heng
  14. Brie Tawhai
  15. Sarah Allen
  16. Elisangela Angell, Adriana Gonzales, Brandy Leaver, Babette Mulford, Kamilah Powell, Jessica Renee, Kenea Yancey


India Paulino Bikini Arnold Classic 2016 Top 6

India Paulino Bikini Arnold Classic Australia 2016
India Paulino @indiapaulino with IFBB Legend Shawn Ray! @shawnrayifbbpro Congratulations to India for making history for being the first ever Bikini competitor to win both the Arnold Ohio and Arnold Australia in the same calendar year!
Bikini Arnold Classic Australia 2016 Janet Layug Stephanie Mahoe Courtney King Sheena Jayne
Congratulations to us!!! I placed 1st runner up! What a great honor and show to be here at @arnoldclassicau ! #Janetlayug #arnold #aca2016 #australia
Bikini Arnold Classic Australia 2016 Janet Layug Stephanie Mahoe Narmin Assria India Paulino
When Ifbb Bikini Pro’s “Chill” backstage 😝✌🏼️ @arnoldclassicau @aroundthenpc_jm #arnoldclassic #australia #aca2016 #ifbb #bikinipro #bikini #patientlywaiting #fun
Bikini Arnold Classic Australia 2016 Courtney King
Courtney King – Great memories here at the @arnoldclassicau! Thank you so much to @tonydohertyoz for hosting an amazing show! It was an honor to step on the @arnoldsports stage rounding out the top 5 once again! I would like to thank everyone to helped me along this journey, My IFBB career would not be complete without the wonderful support system of so many amazing people I have behind me! BIG THANKS- @gnclivewell @aroundthenpc_jm @jmmanion @d_amelio_manion @arnoldclassicau @tonydohertyoz @arnoldsports @the_pro_ducer @tmariesuits @all_that_glitters_gems @ifbb
Bikini Arnold Classic Australia 2016 Janet Layug
Janet Layug – A few shots from last night @arnoldclassicau Finals ✨
Bikini Arnold Classic Australia 2016 Stephanie Mahoe
Stephanie Mahoe – 6th & so freaking happy!! I accomplished what I set out to do ten days ago & that feels damn good. Time to enjoy some good food with the girls! Ill post more tomorrow! 😊😊😊 #arnoldclassicau
Bikini Arnold Classic Australia 2016 Stephanie Mahoe
The beautiful @stephmahoe rockin the stage during the @arnoldclassicau 🏆 #PrimeNutrition #TheBestOrNothing



  1. Latorya Watts
  2. Candice Lewis
  3. Cydney Gillon
  4. Camala Rodriguez Mcclure
  5. Gennifer Strobo
  6. Amanda Doherty
  7. Bojana Vasiljevic
  8. Asher Prior
  9. Myra Rogers
  10. Krystal Ricci
  11. Jennifer Van Zant
  12. Yvette Brown
  13. Andrea Calhoun
  14. Laura Keddie
  15. Veronica Gallego



  1. Oksana Grishina
  2. Whitney Jones
  3. Ryall Graber
  4. Tanji Johnson
  5. Kristine Duba
  6. Nicole Duncan
  7. Michelle Blank



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