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Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – Had an amazing (yet fast) day in Scotland with the gymshark crew. Got the next 2 days to rest up and create content before our London meet-up on Saturday at Parliament Square! @_themorris
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – London meet up is a wrap! My god, that was such an amazing time. You guys couldn’t have made that a more pleasurable experience! Comment below if we met today and if you post our pic make sure to tag me in it so I can like & comment on it! #gymshark
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – LONDON – thanks for the love and support at the meet and greet today! Wrapping up the last of the #GymsharkUKtour tomorrow in Dublin, Ireland @ 2:00pm at the top of Grafton Street at the park entrance. Can’t wait to meet ya! #squadgoals #PowerPuffGirls #IAmObviouslyButtercup #SassyAF
Jazmine Garcia Gymshark
Jazmine Garcia – GymShark UK Tour is a wrap! Edinburgh, London, and Dublin, you really showed yourselves this week. I am blown away at the support we all have all throughout these three cities. I’m also so incredibly blessed to know every single individual human in this photo and not only call them friends but family as well. You guys really make me better. #GymsharkWorldTour #family #WestCoastNext #SanFrancisco #LosAngeles #Vegas
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – Back in LA! although this flick is from London. The jet lag is pretty strange (went to bed at 8pm – woke up at 3am, 4am, & 6am) but got a full day ahead of car shopping, unpacking, cleaning, etc.
PS: Nikki Blackketter and I started a really fun series that includes alcohol and answering your questions. We will both be uploading these today! they’re gold to be honest. #YesMyPantsSayNikkiB #IAmAlsoWearingHerSportsBra #LeaveMeAlone
Jazmine Garcia Mercedes
Jazmine Garcia – My first big girl car :O My 2005 Infiniti G35 recently had some repair issues that were worth more than the value of the car so I got me dis cute lil engine! I am mainly doing this post to thank Mercedes Benz of Beverly Hills (All the thanks to Mark Dedushi) for killing the service and truly making my first leasing experience the most easy and smooth experience of my life. Srsly not sponsored lol. MARK YOU MADE MY DAY THANK U SO MUCH! #c300
PS I was so nervous lolol. I kept asking them if I was dreaming and when car shopping around, I was often asked what special packages or additions that I wanted for my car, I would say “will it have an A/C? And Bluetooth?” I’m not even joking wtf like that’s all I wanted the car to have lol. Not that either of my cars didn’t have an A/C in the past but I panicked and didnt realize cars had package deals and options lol gah
Jazmine Garcia Robin Gallant
Jazmine Garcia – THE POWERPUFF GIRLS ARE AT IT AGAIN (I’m obviously Buttercup)! The #GymsharkWorldTour continues and this time we are taking on mah territory! The West Coast – The Best Coast
San Francisco, CA – September 10th
Los Angeles, CA – September 11th
Las Vegas, NV – September 17th
Exact time and locations TBA.
Tap photo to see what other Gymshark athletes are attending!
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – good morning so excited to be reunited with my @gymshark family tonight! Comment below if you’ll be at the San Francisco meet up on Saturday from 11am-3pm at Pier 39!!! I accept candy (sour patch kid extremes & reeses 4eva) & hugs (squeeze the life out of me) ๐Ÿ˜€
Jazmine Garcia
Missing these lovely lil ladies. and as usual, taking myself wayyyy too seriously. #gymsharkwomen
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – Ooooh this is an oldie by my favorite @noelmack_.
So y’alllls groovy news. gymshark has a lot going on for July! First, tomorrow they’re celebrating their 4th birthday as a company. Happy Early Birthday Gymshark! From today until the end of the month, they’re running a sale that will last until the 31st with up to 70% OFF across selected lines.
While the sale is active from July 4th July 31st, there is also a COMPETITION/GIVEAWAY If someone makes a purchase during the sale (they can purchase anything) they will be automatically entered into a draw. Once the sale ends, they will select 3 winners:
ยท 1st Winner – Gymshark Black Card: For an entire year, this lucky winner will receive every piece of Gymshark clothing that’s being released before launch, just like a Gymshark Athlete.
ยท 2nd Winner Gymshark Gift Card to be used in store (ยฃ150)
ยท 3rd Winner Gymshark Gift Card to be used in store (ยฃ50)
Jazmine Garcia
TORONTO MEET UP! I plan to hold a meet up at Dundas Square at 3pm on Sunday, July 24th! ๐Ÿ˜€ day after my 22nd birthday! Comment below if you’ll be there! :’)
Jazmine Garcia
when it’s your 22nd birthday so no one can tell you to make your bed or pick up your socks | #HappyBirthdayPoo #ImFeelin22 #LolK
Jazmine Garcia snapchat
@Gymshark SNAPCHAT QA!
Leave some questions below and I’ll answer 15-20 of them over at GymsharkTV!
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – I have a new thing for red lululemons paired with a cute crop and some clean kix.
Weighed in at 112 this morning. I took the last week off to enjoy my time with my aunt @karlitasworld she came out to visit for my birthday and show her only the best eats the city has to offer! The proper lean bulk officially begins on Monday. Can’t wait to start a new & fun series on the channel. ๐Ÿ˜€
Jazmine Garcia
On my life – I’m just excited my highlight showed up in the picture. Packing my bags & preparing to fly back home to LA tomorrow. It all feels so surreal after almost 3 months in Toronto. I’ve learned SO much in my time here and couldn’t be more grateful to feel like “one” with Canadians. It’s time to get back home and adjust some of my main focuses and work on myself as I’m feeling a bit rusty and on edge from poor planning & negligence. My path is leading to a happier, better, and uplifted version of the current me. Until next time.
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – Currently on a plane to London where I’ll be reunited with my incredible @Gymshark family for a whole week in 3 amazing cities. this is for the #GymsharkWorldTour where we are being flown out from all over the world to a city (hopefully) near you for some good one-on-one hangs, chats, photo taking, & amazingness.
Here is where we will be (& when):
Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh: 24th August, 12:30 BST.
Parliament Square, London: 27th August, 10:30 BST.
Grafton Street (Top of), Dublin: 28th August, 14:00 BST.
Crew: myself, @nikkiblackketter, @laineybopster, @lex_fitness, @robingallantt, @davidlaid. And of course, @noelmack_ @dancrane1 and da man himself @benn.francis
Jazmine Garcia
First meet up for the #GymsharkWorldTour is going down tomorrow… Early flights to Edinburgh, Scotland in the AM. We will be at the Edinburgh Castle @ 12:30pm BST. check the tags to see who all will be there! @gymshark
Pic cred: @_themorris
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – Is it wrong to say I’m still in a food coma after all the food I ate yesterday AND after going to the gym? Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving with the people you love most!
ANNNNND we’re back! The server literally crashed yesterday because you guys came like an army to get your deals. But the problem is fixed! Gymshark is having a HUGE sale on the website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Up to 70% OFF across the ENTIRE SITE! As you know, there are a whole bunch of new items for both the men’s and women’s collection so go get your fix
Jazmine Garcia Barbell Brigade
Jazmine Garcia – Just filmed a couple rad sit-down videos in Brabell Brigade. Thank you chelsealifts for allowing me to use your camera gear!
Jazmine Garcia before
Jazmine Garcia – Yup, that girl on the left is actually me! This photo is 3 years old. At this time, I was only weighing 82lbs (now 110-115). I was working at a salon (not to be named) that refused to give me a break longer than 2 minutes and when I complained that it was against the law – I was harshly told that other people would kill for my job position and that they would buy me apples to snack on in the back room. But nonetheless, was refused a 10 & 30 minute break. I was working 12 hour shifts most days at minimum wage, was never paid OT, and I forgot to mention I was told I HAD to wear heels. Imagine that – actual torture. I came home and cried nearly every day.. Lol. I ended up leaving the job for personal reasoning after 3 months or so. If you guys are reading this – I hope you run your establishment differently now, as there was a time when I really admired you guys. Though I can say I’ll always admire the owner. BUT convincing your staff that it is a lucky day when you guys decide to order a pizza to quickly munch on for 30 seconds before being ushered to take the next client is wrong. MAYBE setting aside 10 or 30 min a day ain’t a bad idea. No salon is too elite to follow the law. Hate to break it to you and I realize it appears to be a wild concept but it’s actually the truth. Either way, best wishes on your journey to the top. You taught me a lot of things I would want in my own business and several things I wouldn’t. I’m thankful for that. I hold a lot of resentment because I allowed myself to stay in a work environment that supplemented my disorder. When I look at this photo – I don’t see a girl who felt fat, overweight, or had body dysmorphia. This girl was young, confused, and depressed. I also can’t help but look at the photo and be reminded of my job and how it helped fuel the fire. Which explains why this transformation photo is more about my job at the time rather than self-love. Anyway, to conclude… When I ditched that joint things got a LOT better. *cue life now* life is precious & I’m thankful to be where I am now. Let your work place fuel you – not tear you down.
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia – Flashback to BodyPower! as always, it’s such an incredible time meeting every single one of ya. Thanks for making every out of country experience so damn memorable. #gymshark
Jazmine Garcia deadlift
Jazmine Garcia – Maxed out today at 495lbs. Unfortunately didn’t get a video due to my spontaneity. Thanks to Nadeem Hamidy for his sexiness while taking this picture. #trololol
Jazmine Garcia fitness
I was just looking down to make sure my feet were still there.
@Gymshark will be launching these shirts and shorts on April 20th.
Jazmine Garcia Bodypower
Jazmine Garcia – This weekend reminded me just how lucky I am to be a part of this team and family.
Thanks to everyone on the @gymshark team and every single wonderful gem I met this weekend. I’m lucky to know you all.
Jazmine Garcia Nikki Blacketter
Jazmine Garcia – Hot days in LA with this cutie. I guess the guy behind the camera is alright too.
To address some FAQ, I wear an XS in ALL GymShark clothing and my discount code is jazmine10 (saves you 10% always)
Jazmine Garcia jazzypooo
Jazmine Garcia – words cannot express how excited I am about the new leggings coming out soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ hoping for a launch in May!
Jazmine Garcia
Gymshark: My Vision Day 1 and I couldn’t feel more lucky. @Gymshark #Gymshark