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Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Sometimes, you need to step outside. Take a breath of fresh air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.
Find balance in your life. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices. Life is to short to wake up to regret. Anger and guilt for a decision you made doesn’t solve anything, accept it, learn and grow from it.
Don’t wait till a specific day to begin again. Start now. Today Live your life. Make the changes you want now. Life doesn’t wait for you, so don’t wait to start your goals. The longer you wait the more resentment you build for yourself for not starting sooner. Don’t let it become a habit you repeat over and over.
I tell you again, take a breath and remind yourself who you are and who you want to be and with a smile on your face and your head high, start now TAG someone who needs some #INSPIRATION
Photo by @harrylhgfx
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – I spy some green wearing @ravishsands
Love my hope beel #bbqwings #twinkie
Photo by her talented hubby @justinmartinphoto
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – No matter where you are in life the key to improvement is to never give up. Live a healthy lifestyle the way you desire it. You have to enjoy what your doing, because the love and passion drives you to succeed, and from that the work you put it now will stay with you forever #jenheward #latenightworkout #lovethesweat #gymismytherapy #gymismyplayground
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Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – The best kind of sexy is having respect for yourself. Carry yourself with dignity and pride knowing that you will never lower your standards just to get attention. Stay true to who your are. Never change for anyone or anything. Stand tall and strong when you are faced with judgement. It will pass, stay strong. Sexy is being CONFIDENT, that you can be yourself without fear. Confidence is not making others feel less then you, but equal, comfortable, inspired and happy. Again remember to respect yourself and others. #jenheward
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Just me and the Golden Drop #sweetsweat
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Being unmotivated or depressed is not a physical state. Stop telling yourself that. It’s a mental state. How you start your morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. Any doubt, any fear and any negative thoughts will bring on a series of emotions that lead to being unmotivated, grumpy or emotional feelings. It takes more energy to think this way and these thoughts will turn you into an unproductive resentful person left completely drained. You will find your more angry with yourself and this anger will only build and keep getting worse. Don’t let this become habit. The only cure is to change your thinking.
Set the tone of your day by waking up, believe in yourself and the positive changes you are making. Don’t follow the crowd, find things you enjoy that work for you. Be determined to stick to your goals and focus on the success that you WILL achieve. Be thankful for your health, your family and the ability to do and enjoy the things you love. Each day smile at yourself and a stranger. It’s take time to change old thoughts, don’t give up when it gets tough. Pick yourself up cause you know you can and move forward. Each time you pick you own self up, you get stronger.
These thought changes will only bring happiness and give you lots of energy. No pre workout needed You will be a pleasant person to be around, you will even love hanging with yourself tee hee. You will be more successful at what it is you want # jen heward
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – about tonight.
Dress @hotmiamistyles
Wedges @stylesforless
Tan by @getbronzedsunless
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Filming for a TV show having so much fun sharing this moment with my @fitnessgurls
Check snapchat to see behind the scenes add me “jenheward”
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Today’s Theme #fitnessgurls #humpday @fitnessgurls
Little known HunnyBuns Fact:
I grew up with horses. My Grandma and Aunt both had one, so I taught myself to ride bareback and just a halter. I rode English, Hunter jumper and also showed them at local events and fairs. At 12 years old, I apprenticed at an Arabian horse ranch for 2 years, where I worked for my own horse. I had her for 18 years. She looked just like this horse in the photo. She just passed away this last year. R.I.P. Getting back on a horse is just like riding a bike. Makes me miss riding so much! I have such love and compassion for these gentle giants. There my favorite animal next to pittys
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Be stubborn about your goals and flexible with your methods #imreadyforyouColombia #fitnessgurls #murves #leanbean
Check my YouTube for my workouts/diet and more. Link in bio.
Short by @bumbumbacana code “hunnybunsfit”
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Tan skin, warm weather and a bikini has me feeling some type of way.
YOU HAVE TO SEE THE NEW 2016 STYLES. Ooooooooooooooomy goodness
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – No filter just straight #Murves
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – One of the many looks for @stancesupplements shoot #whatsyourstance
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – How to always be #bikini ready?
Stick to your goals all year long instead of just a few months.
Find a balance you can happily maintain.
Always keep the promises to yourself.
Don’t give up when it gets tough.
Never put “YOU” on hold.
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – #HunnyBunsTip
It’s almost the New Year and that means New Year Resolutions. Before you start remember a few things…
Start with one realistic goal and not something too drastic. You want to give yourself time to adjust to the new changes. So many of us give up to quickly because we exhaust ourselves before we even have a chance to see change. We need to be consistent for a good amount of time to build new habits and replace old ones.
Slow progress is the best results, just like small changes mentally and physically will end up being long term success. Be patient, find a routine that makes you happy. If you go all “gung ho” on something just because you want “fast” results, you will most likely give up pretty quick, because you are going to hate it.
Progress takes time! You have a whole NEW YEAR (12 months to be exact) to achieve your goal, don’t feel like it has to be done in the first 3 months. Don’t punish yourself, you have plenty of time to make a lifestyle change, use it wisely
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – That moment you stand there, asking yourself do I work out or not.
We all have similar goals in this lifestyle, but we give up over and over or put them on the back burner for “tomorrow”. This will not get you any closer to what you want. You can’t be upset at the results you didn’t get because you keep flaking on yourself. There is no excuse for what we can and cannot not do. You shouldn’t deny yourself of what you truly want.
It will become easier with time, I promise, but only if you are #consistent. Consistency builds new habits. New habits that will eventually replace the old ones.
Understand your priorities, find and establish a balance. You can make anything work in your life if you make room for it.
You do end up working out and it ends up being your best training session #youwontregretit #onestepcloser #neverbackdown
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – the new winter coat.
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – ‘Twas the night before thanksgiving…. buns over here preparing her turkey legs for some Gainz trained lil bit of quads and LOTS OF HAMMYS #isittimetoeatyet
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Take every chance.
Drop every fear.
You decide your future.
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Today’s Motto.
See the Opportunity in Every Difficulty
#BeOptimistic #Believe #BePositive #MondayMotivation #NeverGiveUpOnYourSelf
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – bikinis and chill.
Bikini by @ravishsands
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – #HumpDay and #WomanCrush all in ONE! Love my Twinkie hope beel #UneditedPhoto by @falcofoto
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Does this outfit make me look buff? #swolfie #ootn
Trained arms tonight What did everyone train? #dontskiparmday
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
MURVES = Muscles & Curves
#murves #bootysweat
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
The Power Of Posing #ChillToPoser #0to100realquick #instantbubblebutt #selfiesaresocomplicated #normaltohighlightreel #ieatdonuts #whileilift #jk #reallytho
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Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – My #WCW goes out to ALL the ladies in the world who bust there buns to be successful in everything they do, to the ladies that want to make a difference in the world. To all the girls that continue to support each other no matter what and want nothing but to help others succeed just as they have! Each and everyone of you #inspire someone no matter who you are. We are all a special and unique in our own way. You are loved. You are appreciated. No matter what or where you are in your journey, We are all a PERFECTLY IMPERFECT TEAM
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – #PreWeekendMotivation
Balance & Variety is key to maintaining a healthy mind and the body you want.
It’s ok to enjoy the foods you love and not let yourself feel guilty. Keep it within your needs and goals. Its when you go beyond what you need over and over that you find yourself at a stand still. We are either taught or made to believe that in order to have that body, you have to live on this restricted diet with tons of cardio. So when you have a “cheat meal” it’s so unnatural to your body it responds negatively and you feel so guilty, you do EXTRA cardio just to burn it off. This becomes such a bad habit and unhealthy lifestyle. Your body and mind becomes trained for this, that in order to even maintain that physique you have to continue this way of living day in and day out. That is no way to live. That’s miserable. Life should be enjoyed. You should love yourself and what you are doing. You shouldn’t fear food or missing that cardio session.
Start your journey with the proper nutrition, training and cardio. Something ideal not drastic (just to get quick results). Keep variety and flexibility while you achieve your results. Remind yourself to be patient, because the slower the progress, it gives your body time to adjust and the easier it will be to maintain with flexibility (all those treats you crave) in your diet and less cardio. In turn your RESULTS will last longer.
Don’t follow the unhealthy fads. Find your balance, enjoy life. Be carefree and above all BE Happy. LIVE AND LOVE THE JOURNEY #jenheward
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – What Vacation Looks Like.
#MotivationMonday 10 days no weights. I didn’t even step inside a gym. Just #sand, #surf and #trail. Sometimes you need a mental and physical break from your usual routine. To refresh, energize and reset. I feel even more #Motivated and ready to tackle new #Goals.
I found other ways to stay active on my trip to #Hawaii and the biggest key to maintaining my physique was my #DIET. My diet stayed on point the whole vacation. I had lots of lean protein and veggies. I also had oatmeal and rice cakes on my more active days I made a trip to Costco or the closest grocery store and when I was eating out, I just ordered according to my needs.
Goes to show you that you don’t have to always have a gym to keep mind and body on point. It’s called #BALANCE
#youtubevideoscomingsoon #5daystoOlympia
Leggings by @labellamafiabrasil
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – What you went through, happened. Who you were, existed. You needed your past and mistakes to get you where your are now. Your are constantly evolving and growing. Look at your past darkness as something that has shaped you, not defined you. Breathe, keep stepping forward. If you fall, get up, shake it off and go again. You are blessed with the opportunity to start over, so make better choices. Your willingness to power forward, through uncertainty only builds inner strength and confidence. This is where true peace and happiness comes from #jenheward
#UneditedPhoto @harrylhgfx
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Ohhh haiiii #OOTD
Dress @lovecultureofficial
Sports Bra @shopdccouture
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Can’t beat someone who never gives up #someoneisalwayswatching #bethehardestworkerintheroom #inspiretobeinspired
#SweetSweat products 10% off “hunnybuns”
Photo by @eyevision_photos
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – #Results #WeekendMotivation
Consistency is key. Most of us give up to soon because of a fear or just being impatient. Progress takes time, weeks sometimes months. Depending on how committed you are, how hard you work and also if you have the right program for your goals and needs.
Stop stressing over the number on the scale, instead turn your focus to the work at hand. Retrain your thinking from wanting now and comparing yourself to others.
Instead of wishing you had their body, mirror their hustle and effort. Wishing and complaining never got anyone anywhere.
Tell yourself every time you wake up and every time you start having those negative thoughts, “I’M GOING TO GET THERE. I’m going to be that person I want to be.” Visualize where you want to be physically and mentally.
Hold onto that and believe in the journey your about to take. Trust the process, be patient, your hard work and consistency will bring you #SUCCESS. I promise #jenheward
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward Hunnybunsfit – Might have #gymhair, but at least my outfit is on fleek #backgamestrong #musclesmakedresseslookgood #heavyweightsalltheday #sideofmyheadlooksshaved
p.s. Sorry but I don’t remember where the dress is from.
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – An insult or negative comment towards someone would never come out of people’s mouths in a real life situation, face to face. Proof as why people will always talk behind your back or behind a screen. Because we are being cowards and we know it’s wrong. Mean things will always be said no matter what you do. Getting attention in a negative way will not gain anyone’s respect, nor should their words ever discourage you from your decisions or your goals.
Why not hold ourselves to a higher standard? Talk and act the same at all times as you would if you were in the presence of that person. Not only will you gain and be worthy of respect, but you will be more at peace with yourself. A happier person all around.
Remember not everyone has the same goals and that’s ok. We should take advantage of the life, the health and the opportunities we have right in front of us. Not waste it on meaningless negative energy towards others.
Live your best lives. Be a role model. Be an #Inspiration #BePositive #LeadByExample #Live #Laugh #Love
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit
Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Me and @buffbunny arrive in LA and what is the first thing we do!? #GetWeird #blondeballsoffun #excitedfortheweekend #adventuresofbuffhunnys #itsgoingtobeepic #wewillsleepforaweekafterthis
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My leggings
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Jen Heward hunnybunsfit – Be your own kind of #Athlete
Be so busy focused on yourself and your goals that nothing and no one can stop you #liveyourbestlives #breakyourpersonallimit #lifealteringfitness