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Jeremy Potvin
Jeremy Potvin – Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong. #MrOlympia #10weeksout
Jeremy Potvin abs
#throwback to the morning of my 1st Pro win,and Olympia qual. #tbt @mrolympiallc #MrOlympia #Olympia2016 #4packofpeace ……lets see how many “photoshop/fake” comments I can get
Jeremy Potvin arms
Jeremy Potvin – Doing what we do @bevsgym with @logan_franklin yesterday. Ready to hit that #NYPRO stage on Saturday
Jeremy Potvin army
Life changes. #transformationtuesday
Jeremy Potvinback
Jeremy Potvin – Practice, practice again, practice more, then keep practicing. #throwback #tbt #posing #MrOlympia
Jeremy Potvin clothing
Solid #chestday with my @teamzerogravity family. Always love the motivation we have when training together #motivationmonday @mrolympiallc
Jeremy Potvin delts
Jeremy Potvin – For those wondering, I’m planning to take a small, much needed break until the Olympia. Though I will still be prepping, the first part of this prep will be about recovery and as much growth as possible. I’m going back to lifting the way I started, heavy and heavier lol. 16.5 weeks to make it happen. Let’s get it #Olympia2016 #neversettle
Jeremy Potvin fitness
Nothing better than natural lighting. I can feel a million weeks behind, but once I pose with it, I feel good again lol. 3.5 weeks to go #focused @teamzerogravity @darcsport
Jeremy Potvin gym
Jeremy Potvin – Just getting started teamzerogravity
Jeremy Potvin height
#flashbackfriday Fine tuning a few things for my next show. Y’all keep asking which one it’ll be….Officially getting ready for next weekends Musclecontest Grand Prix. Let’s get it!
Jeremy Potvin IFBB
Jeremy Potvin – Working harder than I ever have because I know beating this won’t be easy. I need to be fuller, and if I can be, more conditioned.
Jeremy Potvin Kai Greene
With Kai Greene today at Bevs Gym ….huge honor to meet someone that has had such a huge impact on the fitness industry. Extremely nice and humble. #NYPRO
Jeremy Potvin nike
Jeremy Potvin – Had a solid shoulder workout this morning with my teamzerogravity teammates. Gerard Jake looking crazy 4 weeks out from his classic physique debut and jaredg90 looking on track for his wedding next month lol. I’m 6 weeks out from my second pro show spectrumfitnessproductions #govcup
Jeremy Potvin pose
Practice, practice, practice. Can’t stress that enough. Find your pose, remember the feeling, and keep hitting it.
Jeremy Potvin ripped
Jeremy Potvin – #Tbt two or so weeks before the Governors Cup.
Jeremy Potvin shoes
Got that last depletion workout in with @teamzerogravity this morning. Ready to fill out and get dry! @tru_fitness rocking that @Darcsport lol. Battle of the backs with @tru_fitness and myself lol! Let’s get it! @musclecontest #grandprix #2daysout
Jeremy Potvin shredded
Jeremy Potvin – A little #flashback to the morning before the @musclecontest Grand Prix. Still had some filling out to do. #fbf #flexfriday #4packofpeace
Jeremy Potvin stats
Just checking on that conditioning @darcsport #teamdarcsport …….yes I only have a “4 pack” it’s called genetics
Jeremy Potvin taper
Jeremy Potvin – Last workout with @teamzerogravity and @joemonji before the @bevsgym #NYPRO in 2 days. Feeling ready
Jeremy Potvin transformation
#transformationtuesday 2011-2016. 5 years in between these pics. that style though lmao. So something I realized is the weight difference between the pics. It’s about 10lbs max. Body composition is obviously completely different though. Crazy how a little muscle can completely change things
Jeremy Potvin traps
Jeremy Potvin – A little #tbt for some self motivation. Looking at areas that need work. Mostly lower back, but everything can come up. #neversettle #throwback #MrO2016
Jeremy Potvin waist
#tbt a couple days before the New York Pro. #throwback
Jeremy Potvin workout
Jeremy Potvin – Completely relaxed…lower back finally tightening up #4daysout
Jeremy Potvin
Jeremy Potvin – One day at a time. Don’t worry what others say, just do you and let the results speak for themselves #MrOlympia #mondaymotivation