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About that one night in Mexico…..

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#Mondaymotivation is to kick myself in the ass everyday to be the best that I can be.

I realized in life you have to go out and get what you want. Most people have this idea that their dreams and goals will just magically come to them. That is false! Anyone you see successful has fought the battle of hard work day in and day out for years! –
Don’t be that person who expects life to hand you things go out and get that sh*t for yourself! Anything is possible and that’s the only way I allow myself to think. I think without limits! I do without limits! And most of all I live without limits. Everyone’s days are counting down and we only have one life! Enjoy the ride and take life for all the beauty she has to throw at you!

My physique is something I take a lot of pride in and work hard everyday at it! Nothing is bought or enhanced by plastic surgery or drugs I’d rather work for it! 5 years and counting. It shows character and integrity! – Jessica Arevalo


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I am human. I do make mistakes and I am not motivated all of the time and THATS OK.

Most of the time viewers see fitness accounts on social media and think we are just super motivated and driven all the time and that is FALSE. –
We too have our breakdowns our days that we don’t won’t be in the gym. So don’t feel bad if there is a day or a week that goes by that you are not motivated or you are too tired to go to the gym because that is called LIFE.

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and realize how far we have really come. I know sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the journey and not remember how far we have come but we have to always remember that and not be so hard on ourselves. –
The key to success is always moving forward no matter how long off track you have been etc..JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD. – Jessica Arevalo
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I WILL BEAT HER. I will train harder. I will eat cleaner. I know her weaknesses. I know her strengths. I’ve lost to her before, but not this time. She is going down. I have the advantage because I know her well. She is the old me.
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This picture represents so much to me on so many levels. This physique right here is SURGERY FREE and STEROID FREE.

I’ve been wanting to touch on this subject, but have been hesitant for the sake of possibly hurting someone’s feelings or offending someone. The reason I want to talk about this is because being in an industry that is filled with the notion that steroids and surgeries are necessary to reach your goal physique is so hard to see. And it seems more popular than ever today.

It honestly breaks my heart to see so many young people starting out in the industry seeing STEROIDS and SURGERIES as the only way to succeed. I have not given in, despite constant temptation.

It has even got bad enough to where I have held pills in my hand and have went to the boob doctor to get a consultation but still could never give myself a good enough reason to do these things. TRUST me I have been there too, feeling pressured to submit. I will never and can never do these things because I was raised in a substance abused home and I know what any kind of drug does to your body in the long run. –
Trust me when people are dry and super lean year round, it is not a natural physique. When girls all of a sudden have a super big butt and you can’t tell the difference if it is photo-shopped or not, it’s usually injections or implants not to mention triangle glutes on bikini competitors now a days. Boobs are a different story. But you have to be able to differentiate whether or not you are only getting them for yourself or only for an image. If it’s just to fit a certain image or win a prize, DO NOT DO IT. STAY TRUE.

I am proud to post this picture to show ANYONE out there wanting to get into the fitness industry that with hard work, consistency and TRUE passion YOU CAN look like this NATURALLY. DO NOT GIVE IN to what EVERYONE else is doing! From day one I always said that I’d walk my own path and stay true to my dignity and character. That I’d represent what strength and health really should portray on all levels. – Jessica Arevalo

The post is not intended to offend anyone who has chosen surgeries or steroids this is just my take on it.
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Almost 2 weeks back into my prep and I feel incredible. –
With 31 shows under my belt as a bikini pro I am not stopping there!

Challenging myself mentally and physically to the absolute max every single day is what I LIVE FOR!

100% natural athlete DRUG FREE is what I stand for to be an example to the next generation of young women in the competitive sport of bodybuilding. –
You can do it! Don’t listen to the masses! Create and walk your own journey like I have and succeeded! –
Tracking my 12 week prep step by step on my #YouTube channel. Can’t wait to share this journey with you all!
Know what’s going in and out of your body people. Teach yourself what is right and what is wrong! – Jessica Arevalo
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Just a little selfie..

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Just got out of the 2 day Chicago event! I am completely exhausted but came straight to the gym to do my first round of cardio. 2 weeks out from stepping on stage! Hello abs!

People keep asking me why are you competing when you don’t need to anymore and you have a million things on your plate. I have a million reasons and excuses to not compete but honestly I choose not to listen to others opinions and not listen to the excuses and reasons my mind tells me. I love challenging myself day in and day out. Both physically and mentally. –
If I am not constantly challenging myself I don’t feel like I am truly living. I love the discipline, hard work and sacrifice that comes with competing. –

I work hard to become a stronger and better version of myself. If we are not constantly challenging ourselves mentally and physically then how are we growing? Challenge yourself day in and day out to grow and be a better you every single day. –

Follow your heart and JUST DO IT! I promise that little voice in your head will go away slowly but surely. Beat it every day! Don’t let it win! If I can do it so can you! – Jessica Arevalo
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Shooting with my beautiful @Shredz sister today @hardcoreainsley!

Seriously one of the most down to earth successful and beautiful women I have ever met!

We killed our shoot today! I love my life and everyone in my circle! Positive vibes only!
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Love this girl right here @buffbunny! So sweet and genuine! We had so much fun tonight collaborating for our YouTube channels! –
A lot of fun doing partner stuff with this girl cause she is 5 foot 100 pounds same size as me lol!

Love that she is local to San Antonio Texas! We will be doing a lot more collabs together look out for them!

Subscribe to my new YouTube channel link is in my bio to see more!

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Aussie Aussie Aussie Aaay!

This place is breathtaking I can’t even believe the beauty here! I have fallen in love with Sydney!

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Whenever I get asked why I love hard work, it reminds me of the phrase Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life

I have learned to love the pain, sacrifice, and obstacles that come with the territory of having high goals. No matter how big your goals are, you will never fail trying to reach them because, every attempt is a new learning experience.
The only failure is when you don’t try at all.

I don’t run from the past, even if it reflects the hard times. I appreciate the things I have today as simple as they are like the roof over my head, and the food in my stomach. Everyone is fighting their own battles, so don’t be quick to judge.

Hard work to me is an opportunity. Most people complain about their jobs. But why? Do you know how many people don’t have jobs? STOP COMPLAINING AND BE GRATEFUL!

4 years ago before I got into the fitness world I worked 3 jobs 7 days per week. Never once did I complain but looked at it as an opportunity to work and survive.

If you are in a phase in your life and you are being hard on yourself because you know you are meant to be doing something more. It’s ok stepping stones are necessary. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Steve Jobs started in a garage.

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Threw on my heels and my practice bikini! Did some posing practice. 100% depleted. I fly out to St. Louis tomorrow can’t wait to get this show on the road!
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In life you have choices period. You can either choose everyday to wake up and work hard towards your dreams or you can choose to settle. I’ve learned that every day is a blessing. No one is guaranteed another day. I was once in a place in my life where I thought there was no hope there was not even a light. I FOUGHT my way out of it. The doctors said we will give you medication to cope with things. I was a heavy drinker and was severely depressed. I told the doctors I will not take any of the medication because I know God put this obstacle in my life. So I can one day share that ANYONE no matter where they come from can ABSOLUTELY 100% fight their way out of any negative situation. I chose to fight. I chose to live a healthy lifestyle. Yes it’s hard at times and a lot of sacrifice to stay fit and healthy but I would rather sacrifice a piece of pizza and fast food to be healthy. Mentally and physically. Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle has saved my life. People ask me why or how I do what I do everyday. The answer is I know how it feels to live an unhealthy life and hit rock bottom and I work too damn hard to ever go back to that. There is hope for every single person out there. JUST CHOOSE TO FIGHT FOR EVERYTHING YOUVE EVER WANTED! You only live once people! Love you all! – Jessica Arevalo #GodisourStrength
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#RP Happy Flex Friday! Xo
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Fall in love with your life.