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Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Near death experience
Fact: I’m afraid of heights
It was sooo high but I just had to sit there to take a picture
I’m smiling on the outside and crying on the inside, it was worth it though cause it was such a beautiful view!
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Bye bye Sweden Be prepared for a lot of vacay pics and don’t forget to follow me on snap for more
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Feeling blue or wearing blue? It’s up to you!
Been feeling kinda down lately and the only thing that gets me happy in those moments is training.
It has always been my therapy since I was a little girl! Even though I didn’t get any contact or pump it felt great yesterday when I smashed legs.
Do whatever makes you happy and remove people that don’t bring you happiness in life.
Stay positive
Johanna Oline Modin gymshark
Johanna Oline Modin – Sunday chills
Got more ink on my body yesterday by mrtstucklife if you missed my snapchat. I’ll show you the result when it’s fully healed.
These gymshark underwear are available now btw
Have a nice Sunday guys!
Johanna Oline Modin workout
Push-ups with a twist
I love challenges and this is a fun way to do push-ups. So many muscles are active during exercises like this and I love it!
My dad always said “I love to torture my body” when I was young. I never understood what he meant and thought he was crazy, but today I do and I agree. I love to torture my body.
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Gymshark lovers listen to this! From today and throughout July there will be a huge SALE at Gymshark.
And if this wasn’t good enough for you, they also have a competition.
If you buy ANYTHING from this sale you’ll be entered in a contest.
1st price is a black card – which means that you’ll receive EVERYTHING that Gymshark launches before they launch just like us athletes for a whole year.
2 & 3 place will be rewarded with gift cards.
This contest and sale is insane, tag a friend who need to know this.
Johanna Oline Modin gymshark
Time for bed
And yes, your eyes don’t lie I’m wearing #gymshark underwear!
Goodnight guys!
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – A picture from last night I love Stockholm in the summer, it’s so beautiful #misterfrench
Johanna Oline Modin
Been sick again that’s why I haven’t posted much lately but this week I’m back to sweating my ass off at the gym Photo: @oskarbakke
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – My favourite @gymshark outfit atm
The colour on these are popping!
I’ve been eating way too much today since its Mother’s Day today but it was worth it! Love you mom
Johanna Oline Modin gym
All grey
I’m having a hard time keeping away from all the good things in life right now..
Time to suck it up and bring back those abs
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Plyo in pink
The leg workout yesterday wasn’t enough so after my arm session at lunch today I did some plyo exercises with @linusgrudd.
Do you want to see a video of them?
Johanna Oline Modin
Tb to my skinny days last year
Motivated to get my abs back now so my diet starts tomorrow I can’t train yet though cause I’ve been sick since I got back from London
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – This weekend @pandyprotein will launch in Sweden and I will work with them as a brand manager. If anyone of you are in Sweden you’ll be able to taste it at @fitnessgalan this weekend. #PandyProtein
Johanna Oline Modin abs
This is the result of being in bed for too long eating crap. I was sick Tuesday-Thursday and after being in bed for 3 days I trained back Thursday night. Yesterday I went to the doctor cause I got a fever during the day and I’m now on antibiotics with an even higher fever I’m just gonna rest, take my pills and eat so that I’m well enough to go to fibo next week nice, healthy and bloated. I hope I’ll see you there!
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Good news Gymshark lovers
These gorgeous tights and the tank top are available on NOW in a few more colours as well.
I know some of you have been wanting to get them and now you can
Johanna Oline Modin
The starting point of all achievement is desire.
Today is one of them days when I just love life. I’ve got so many things to look forward to right now. The first thing that’s coming up is FIBO in Germany in less than 2 weeks with the Gymshark crew! Are you guys going to be there I’m sooo excited
The rest is a secret for now
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Good morning guys! I’m on my way to work right now as some of you might know if you’ve read my blog lately. I was soooo busy last week and I was putting all of my focus on my new job so I barely trained at all.
At least I got my phone back yesterday so that I can update you on what’s going on!
Have patience with me, I’m trying to get the hang of my new routines and it’s hard
Johanna Oline Modin
Pink power yesterday! I’m finally back here on Instagram after a few days away from you guys! My phone said goodnight for good on Valentine’s Day so I haven’t had a phone but now I’m back and soon I’ll get a new one
It was the same problem with my blog! No phone = no blog cause I log in through my phone but we fixed that so I’m gonna write a post tonight about what I’ve been up to!
I have exciting things to tell you guys
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Legday done and I filmed some of it for you! I’ll upload it on YouTube as soon as I can this week
Johanna Oline Modin
This weekend you’ll find me and the rest of the gymshark crew at Fitnessfestivalen in Stockholm. Kom och säg hej
Johanna Oline Modin bikini
Johanna Oline Modin – SM I Västerås är i full gång. Vackra @annastaalnacke är vidare till final och min @melgholm väntar på besked. Ni är så jävla snygga brudar
Johanna Oline Modin
I’m back är inte längre med på #NoccoBeach touren då jag var tvungen att åka hem förra veckan. Dock hoppas jag att vi ses på #GymmetSthlm invigningen
Johanna Oline Modin
Johanna Oline Modin – Back to reality
Time to get out of vacation mode and get back to training again.
And maybe get in shape as well so I can do another shoot with @oskarbakke
Diet mode