Kai Greene has gone 3 from 3 winning the Arnold Classic Brasil 2016 following recent victories at the Arnold Classic Australia in Melbourne and the Arnold Classic in Ohio last month. In a line-up of just five guys, Kai easily won the show with perfect scores from the judges defeating Juan Morel, Lionel Beyeke, Vitaly Fateev, and Ronny Rockel in Rio de Janeiro. With three competition wins already this year Kai is still avoiding the question as to whether he’ll compete in the Olympia, or whether he’ll try to make a clean sweep at the Arnold Classics held in South Africa, Europe, and Asia throughout the year.

Kai Greene Arnold Classic Brasil 2016
The 2016 #ArnoldClassicBrasil Champion! 🇧🇷🏆
#KaiGreene x #DynamikMuscle x #Brasil

Hear Shawn Ray catch up with Kai after his victory for Muscular Development and discuss plans for 2016 below. The consummate professional Kai keeps focus on the Arnold Classic and the work that organizers and athletes put into each exhibition.



  1. Kai Greene
  2. Juan Morel
  3. Vitaly Fateev
  4. Ronny Rockel
  5. Lionel Beyeke
Kai Greene Arnold Classic Brasil 2016
We are honored, truly thankful & truly humbled. We are standing there with @schwarzenegger and the 2016 #ArnoldClassicBrasil trophy, we stand their with truth in our hands that #ThoughtsBecomeThings #KaiGreene x @DynamikMuscle



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