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T’was the night before Christmas! My favourite time of year A time to eat, drink, smile and laugh with your family and friends! It’s also a time where we can easily lose motivation for the gym and spend weeks over indulging ‘just because it’s christmas’. –
Here are some tips for surviving this festive season!
1) Portion control – Don’t go all out at Christmas breakfast if you know there is a big lunch and dinner to come. Choose healthier options such as meat and salad/vege and have one serving of dessert for the day.
2) Drink water! This can reduce bloating and also keep you feeling fuller for longer so you avoid aimlessly snacking all day.
3) Keep active – make an effort to go to the gym or if it’s closed try some home workouts to get your heart rate up! Walking is also great to get your digestive system working!
4) Don’t keep your cupboard filled with sweets! Enjoy the chips, chocolates, lollies etc but don’t turn a cheat day into a cheat week! I get them out of my house ASAP so I’m not tempted! –
Don’t stress the small stuff. Enjoy this time with your loved ones. Life’s too short to not be happy!! So eat up, enjoy a wine and get your butt to the gym on Boxing Day #christmasgains
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Lauren Simpson – Get motivated! Do it for yourself, because no one is going to do it for you. Focus on getting better every single day. Let’s KILL IT!
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Current shape –
Diet: roughly 1800-2000 cals.
Training: 7x weight sessions. Legs x3, chest, shoulders, back, 1x full body circuit. –
I’m heading to Bali next week so time to get a little bit shredded! Instead of lowering my calories I’m going to add in some cardio! I’ll be doing 2-3x treadmill or bike intervals plus 2x one hr walks!
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Saturday nights in. Belly full of food & watching movies. My kind of night
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WBFF Bikini Diva
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UPDATE: Its been almost 2 months since my last comp and I’m around 3-4kg up from my stage weight. This week I’m eating around 1900-2000 calories per day which will be increasing to hopefully build me back up to my maintenance before I start prepping again for @wbff_aust in May. Deload week with training so giving my body a strategic break to recover. Less reps and less sets before commencing a new program next week!
Feeling pretty content with my ‘off season’ bod. Finding a balance has been key for me. Eating lots, lifting heavy, loving life.
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What summer in Australia looks like
Thanks to the talented @abccreative for this shot! featured internationally in this months @kandymag issue with an interview by me!
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Current shape 1 month post comp. I don’t really like calling it an off season body…Like when prepping for comp, I still train 6 days per week because I love to, push myself equally hard in every session, and eat a clean healthy diet. I am however less strict now and don?t feel the pressure if I want to go out and socialise over some food/drinks, I just make mindful choices when eating out.
In order to grow you need to eat! My body slowly looks fuller and mid section not as defined/lean. But that’s okay. I want strength and muscle #gains
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Too skinny, too fat, too small, too muscly, too lean – everyone will always have their own personal opinions on what looks good and what doesn’t. It is important to not get caught up in the view and acceptance of others. Be proud of who YOU are. Work towards making YOU happy. @angelrileyphotography
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I’ve worked hard to build my booty and legs. Countless hours in the gym and kitchen… training hard and eating right! Still a long way to go but I’m happy with my progress –
I’m just a 5’7, 58kg girl that loves to squat and deadlift. Heavy weights aren’t the enemy: raw image @charliesurianophotographer
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Every time you get out of bed you make a decision about the day you’re going to have. Either you’re going to have an amazing day, or you’re not. It all comes down to your mindset. If you are positive and your mindset is right, your life will be too! Get rid of negative thoughts and self-doubt. That won?t get you anywhere!
Believe in yourself and you are already half way there. – Lauren Simpson
Wearing: @strongliftwear LSFIT discount code on all purchases!
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I love to lift heavy weights and don’t just train for the aesthetics. Being strong is empowering, motivating and rewarding. Girls you shouldn’t be afraid to lift weights for the fear of being bulky or to be stereotyped as “manly” for doing so. If you want a toned shapely body you will have to pick up some weights and start pushing your limits. Set yourself some strength goals to work towards. I find this keeps me motivated to train like a little beast day in day out. There is no better feeling then getting a 1RM of a weight you would never have thought possible to achieve. Set your sights high and keep grinding until you get there. – Lauren Simpson
YOU can be strong and still be feminine #bikinigirlslift
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GLUTES! Here is a list of exercises that you can incorporate into your workout routine to get your booty burning!! –
1) Squats (front, back, sumo!) –
2) Barbell glute bridge (try single leg for a variation)
3) Walking lunges
4) Bulgarian split squats
5) Cable kick backs
6) Hip thrusts
7) step ups (with knee raise)
8) Pull through with rope
Happy #humpday xxxx @charliesurianophotographer looking forward to shooting again next weekend!
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Wake up. Eat. Work. Gym. Sleep. Repeat.
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How visible your abs are is dictated by your diet, how you train them and genetics. You need to be lean enough around your mid section to reveal your abs and train them hard enough to assist in their growth!
Here are some of my favorite ab exercises:
1)Hanging leg raises
2)Russian twists
3)Weighted crunches
4)Side bend w plate
5)Flutter kicks
Our muscles come in all different shapes and sizes! I don’t have blocky 6 pack abs…my dominant obliques always seem to take over! This pic is from a few weeks out from last comp!
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I hear all the time how girls are scared of lifting weights for the fear of looking ‘bulky’. Fact: my squat 1RM is 117.5kg (259lbs) & deadlift 1RM is 125kg (275.5lbs). I train with weights 6 days a week. No I’m not bulky/manly. Lifting weights will help to tone your body and create shape. Lean muscle burns more calories and will speed up your metabolism. Time to get strong girls – Lauren Simpson
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Wake up every day determined to turn your weaknesses into your strengths
Photographer | @charliesurianophotographer
MUA | @shanpalmer
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Last night I swapped my Nikes for high heels and protein shake for cocktails
Thanks @kayter_co for these amazing fruit coconut drinks!
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There are two things in this world that are my therapy. The gym and laughter.
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Knowledge gains –
The key to success is finding something you are passionate about. Use your passion to do something that will make a positive impact on your life and those around you.
You are only confined by the walls you build yourself. Open your mind to new opportunities and stop fearing the unknown. – Lauren Simpson
Visualise what you want out of life in the next 12 months. Live your dreams. Life is happening right now whether you are ready or not. GO FOR IT @international_fitness_academy
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Be so focused on your goal you don’t have time to look back
@abccreative @bonitabiquinis
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Rise and shine #3weeksout
Looking forward to the @wbff_aust workshop today with @melissa_zimmerman & @kristie_ireland ?
Have a great weekend everyone xx
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Never give up on something you truly want or believe in. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time. – Lauren Simpson
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Your future is created by the choices you make today, not tomorrow – Lauren Simpson @charliesurianophotographer
MUA: @shanpalmer
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Current shape
59kg, 5’7, 25yrs old
Diet: approx 2000cals. I’m not currently prepping for a comp so my food is a bit more flexible, especially weekends.
Training: 6x weight sessions, 1 rest day, 2-3x 1hr walks for cardio.
Despite the festive season and going on a holiday I’ve managed to keep relatively lean. Seeing my coach @dainemcdonald tomorrow ! I’m excited to get a new training and nutrition plan…and get back squatting and dead lifting heavy.
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Hi my names Lauren and I love sunshine, bikinis, cocktails, beaches, acai bowls and lifting heavy weights. #vacay
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In this crazy busy world we live in, don’t forget to appreciate every minute of every day. Live in the moment and don’t forget to enjoy who and what is around you. One life to live so make it your best one. – Lauren Simpson
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Feeling motivated today to smash out a good full body session! I use my @shredz burner and BCAAs daily to power through my workouts and help me to maintain a lean physique year round! – Lauren Simpson
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Today’s advice: Wake up each day and OWN IT. You have one life. Make it count. Have an amazing day everyone! X