Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Bradley Martyn, Ulisses, Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey collide in this epic workout shot at Emporium Gym while the world’s top bodybuilders gathered for Bodypower UK 2016. It’s a short clip but features high energy sets of almost every random exercise including machine rows, machine chest press, rolling barbell pushups, seated dumbbell curls and close grip dumbbell press. Hopefully a raw unedited workout gets posted soon. DLB posted another angle of the session:


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Phil Heath Jay Cutler
Always great times with my friend Jay Cutler over here at Exercise Warehouse Pittsburgh PA.
Phil Heath and I trained back today at Exercise Warehouse Gym in Pittsburgh.
What did you train today? And Who can tell me how many Olympia titles combined do we have? #SoFar


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Kai Greene Phil Heath
Sometimes an unexpected gift,
can go a long way.
Dynamik Muscle x Gifted Nutrition
Kai Greene x Phil Heath


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Phil Heath Bradley Martyn
Caption this photo.


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Ulisses Phil Heath Kai Greene
EPIC training session at Emporium Gym with the gang. The atmosphere was insane. This was real special for my little boys Jaden Ulisses and Kai Ulisses as they got the opportunity to meet the squad. Big thanks to Kris Gethin, Kai Greene, Rob Bailey, Dana Linn Bailey, Bradley Martyn and Phil Heath for being so nice and making the boys feel welcome. They will never forget tonight. Thank you.
Also special thanks to Charles Mance Rebecca Andrews Films Aaron Koenigsmann Tibo Norman misscarlijay_healthyliving for capturing these moments for me and the boys. 👊🏾


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Dana Linn Bailey Phil Heath Kai Greene
Trying to teach these silly guys how to do a mirror selfie… first timers here trying to figure out how to look at the screen instead of the mirror. “I can’t see, I can’t see” haha…Kris Gethin Looked the most confused and Rob Bailey was the only one who knew what the heck to do…lol #amateurs
Phil Heath
Kai Greene
Dana Linn Bailey Phil Heath Kai Greene
Take 2…. Now they got it!!! Well almost everyone, only Phil Heath’s bicep got it… Still needs a little work. Can’t be good at everything!