Natural vegan bodybuilder Rich Piana is documenting an entire 4 month cycle where he plans to add 30 lbs of muscle in Bigger by the Day. In Episode 1, Rich vlogs his entire day from waking up with a dose of anabolic branched chain amino acids, drinking oatmeal, and training back and triceps at Gold’s Gym Venice. If you’re too busy with an 8 hour arm workout to watch the 30 minute episode, here’s a time-stamped list of Rich’s day:

@0:00 – Rise and shine at 6AM, Rich immediately starts drinking All Day You May BCAA’s and takes a GH shot from the fridge next to his bed. The GH is just used to maintain all of the gains you’ll be making from BCAA’s if you follow this program. Piano then takes 5% liver and organ pills to keep healthy.

@5:40 – Rich starts his cycle with 15 minutes of cardio, and has a breakfast consisting of natural vegan egg whites and oatmeal.

@10:30 – Vacuum time, Rich performs 3 sets of stomach vacuums for at least 15 seconds each in front of a mirror.

@13:20 – Rich picks out which of his 6 cars to drive to the gym. It has to be the Mercedes CLS 500 AMG that he bought instead if fixing the flat tires on his Maserati and BMW. Whatever it takes.

@17:10 – Rich arrives at Gold’s Gym Venice for a Back and Triceps Workout with other 5%ers:

  • Lat Pulldowns superset with Tricep Pushdowns
  • Bentover Rows superset with Close Grip Bench Press, both on the Smith Machine
  • Seated Rows superset with Dips

@20:42 – Meal 2: Rich eats all natural teriyaki beef and pasta from the meal prep company he’s starting.

@24:30 – Rich terrifies Chipotle employees when picking up his last meal of the day at midnight.

@28:00 – Feeder workout right before bed: Side Laterals Raises superset with Rear Lateral Raises for 3 sets of 100 reps each, and no rest between sets.

@30:40 – Rich is lovin it killin it and probably sneaks in some Ben and Jerry’s before bed.

Rich Piana Tren and Jerry's Ben and Jerry's ice cream



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