Everyone’s favorite natural vegan bodybuilder Rich Piana is ending his Bigger by the Day program at 314 lbs after putting on 38 lbs in 9 weeks. After a week of no updates, 5%ers around the world worried that Rich had finally left humanity behind until Piano posted on his Instagram:

Rich Piana

New high of 314lbs!! Ok everyone I have to be honest and say I am miserable at this size and definitely not wanting to continue putting size on! I know I have more than proven my point of how easy it really is to be successful in life at whatever you choose if you are willing to do whatever it takes and work your ass off 24/7 and never give up my total gain in muscle is 38lbs in 9 weeks and I’m at 9 meals a day and not even at the craziest part of the cycle!!

Going up to 12 meals and adding more ben and jerries in will just be insane!! Looking at this pic it’s very clear to me that I have surpassed what I would call an incredibly insane awesome bodybuilding physique! This is just too much!! My head is ready to explode!! Lol! Tell me what you guys think? I will continue the videos and always motivating you guys but might put the brakes on as far as myself getting any Bigger!! Continue doing “Bigger by the Day” program and definitely need those arm feeders to catch them up to my shoulders!! Just not continue packin on the size!! So everybody else keep going and We will be doing a program on getting off and maintaining all that muscle!! So keep going God Damn it!!

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It’s possible that Rich was missing in action for a while due to a health scare, and is concerned enough to end his cycle. Or this is a classic Panini tactic to confuse his muscles and viewers for extra growth. At least stopping at this size is better than being everyone’s favorite natural dead bodybuilder, whatever it takes to stay alive, right babe? Here’s the latest Bigger by the Day – 58 and some of Rich’s progress updates from the last few weeks:


Rich Piana
Here is a pic from Friday night at the hotel after carb loading at the Arnold Expo all day!! Just kept getting leaner and fuller by the min!! So much leaner than I was when I started Bigger by the Day at 276lbs! 35lbs gain and WAY WAY leaner than when I started!! Crazy!!
Rich Piana
I’m Loving this journey of getting Huge for 2016 and Love the fact that so many people have joined me on this journey and like I say #weareallinthistogether like a big #family I have already smashed my goal of 30 pounds when I hit 310 which is 34lbs in about 5 weeks!! I will keep going and this is when it really counts so hang in there and keep Killing it everyday!! Today’s workout out will be calves and forearms and there will not be a video but there will be one for sat which will be shoulders!! So remember we added a meal so we are up to 9 meals a day which I have to admit seems almost impossible but it can be done! It has to be done and we have got to make this happen!!


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