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Rich Piana workour
Having Fun and Killin it at stayfitgym with bigj_extremefitness and the owner Mike who is also the owner of poundnutrition where we will be tomorrow 12-5!! Melbourne Fl. Hot as but green grass and palm trees everywhere!!
Rich Piana wedding
Rich Piana – My 4 groomsmen that1legmonster paulo_the_freak_almeida jjuicy5 and viking_og5percenter and Sara Piana and her bridesmaids hyntrpk tinker_mal svanhildurheida astabjork5 and katy.slaughter awesome group and awesome friends and want to thank them so much for everything!! We had a blast!!
Rich Piana wedding
Kissing my new wife the beautiful Sara Piana at an event that turned out so amazing!! So thankful for all the incredible people that showed up and gave their support to our wonderful day!! Thank you
Rich Piana wedding
A pic from the wedding thurs night! Huge turn out and want to thank everyone for coming it was a blast!
Rich Piana watch
Rich Piana – On my way to Queens New York first class and the seat next to me is empty!! Best scenario!! #livinthedream I’m flying there and right after Epic Block Party is over then straight to the airport and back to LA! I can’t wait to meet everyone and all I can say is I Love this! I could not ask for a better life and it’s up to us to make ourselves happy and at the end of the day Health and Happiness are most important and Family and Success comes next. #welcometomyworld No matter how good or bad we have it we should be striving to make it better!! Every Day counts so let’s make the best of them!!
Rich Piana tattoos
Sick Ass tattoo on a fan in Germany at FIBO!! I Love all my fans thank you so much for everything!!
Rich Piana tattoo
Rich Piana – 295lbs is a 24lb gain and still have those abs!! This pic was taken 2 days ago and I dropped to 294lbs yesterday and I’ve been carb loading so should be close to 300lbs about now!! Gonna keep on carb loading through both days of the LA Expo!! On a mission and gotta keep on pushing hard and be willing to do #whateverittakes you also have to #loveitkillit and #1dayumay
Rich Piana tank
KILLIN yourself everyday and LOVIN it #loveitkillit
Rich Piana small
The perfect chair!! I’m definitely going to get 2 of these for the house!! Sara Piana The perfect fit!! #kingandqueen #loveitkillit #1dayumay
Rich Piana shoes
Rich Piana – Killin it 24/7!! #livinthedream I have not had even 1 spare min to post on IG so crazy busy!! Today Killed 1 hour of traps video will be up tomorrow morning!! Get some sleep!! You grow when you sleep!! Weight today 301lbs!! About time to add another meal to the program!!
Rich Piana shirt
Rich Piana – 4 weeks ago could not squeeze into this tank top if my life depended on it! Now down 30lbs and it’s baggy!! Keto with carbs after your workout only (40 grams) works wonders with my body!! I’m leaning out super quick but my muscles are a little flat and strength has gone down but you can’t have it all But God Damn it I’m trying my hardest to have it all and then some!! You only live once!!
Rich Piana Sara Piana
Rich Piana – Gym is completely dead!! I guess New Years resolutions don’t start until Mon Jan 4th! Well that’s when I’m starting also so I hope everyone is ready!! #2016bringingbigback #biggerbytheday The beautiful Sara Piana and I just warming up for The New Year but come Monday its on!! I will be over 300 lbs in 3 weeks for the Fit Expo!! Looking forward to seeing everyone and kickin it at the 5%er booth!!
Rich Piana Sara gym
Rich Piana – Killed Golds North Hollywood!! Awesome workout awesome day now ready for an awesome meal!! Gotta Love this !! Hope everyone is Killin it today!!
Rich Piana Sara gym
At our 2nd home kickin it with modified6x6 and the beautiful Sara Piana sporting her new Adidas!!
Rich Piana Sara
Sara Piana and I went to Venice Beach Memorial Day and had a great time meeting and catching up with so many awesome people!! It was a beautiful day as it always is in Southern Cali!!
Rich Piana Sara
Rich Piana – Missing my beautiful wife Sara Piana she could not come to Australia with me but her family flew from Iceland to stay with her while I’m here. So at least she is being well entertained and has her hands full while I’m gone! I’m having an incredible time meeting new fans but at the same time counting the days to go home to Sara Piana and film some “Bigger by the Day” episodes!!
Rich Piana Sara
Rich Piana – A perfect “Beauty and the Beast” pic taken a couple days ago!! Sara Piana is getting leaner and I’m getting bigger the perfect scenario!!
Rich Piana girlfriend Sara
Rich Piana – I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine’s Day and didn’t go to dinner on the actual day!! That is a  nightmare!! Sara Piana and I spent all day and night together and had a great time!! She had went shopping at Victoria Secret on sat and so she had a whole bunch of different little outfits to wear on Valentine’s Day!! So we didn’t go anywhere on Valentine’s Day “obviously”!! So we went to dinner last night and had a great time!!
Rich Piana Sara
Rich Piana – Golds NoHo with Sara Piana Killed shoulders great workout but being off my cycle my pumps in the gym are! 2 scoops of Kill it helps a lot but the truth be told nothing like being on a good cycle!! We are working on a new product specifically designed to give you that mind blowing pump where you feel like your skin is going to rip open and leaves you in agony after your set!! So another reason why I’m off cycle so I can test the samples and not be satisfied until I get that kind of pump being off the gear!! I believe that someone that’s been cycling for years cannot get as good of a pump when off cycle as someone who is natural! So a product that gives a heavy user a good pump when off will work even better on a 100% natural bodybuilder!! There are good products out there but nothing like the real deal and maybe this can’t be done but we are trying!! 2016 is the year and I’m back on and going to get bigger than anyone would think is possible!! 2016 will be the year of HUGE!! We are bringing big back!!
Rich Piana pose
Rich Piana – FIBO is here!! Germany wants Big I brought Big come hang out with me and the other 5%ers at the American Supps Booth 10.1 P-42 we will be Killin all day long!!
Rich Piana plane
Rich Piana – Taking up the entire first class section with this 7’2 monster olivierrichters The Dutch Giant!! Yes he is 7 Foot 2 Inches!! We talked business the entire flight he has a successful business called Muscle Meat and we shared business ideas!!
Rich Piana Martyn Ford
Rich Piana – With Steve Cart owner of bodyfxgymuk which we train at and film at every year at Body & Power!! The 6’8 monster Martyn Ford who showed up 20 pounds heavier weighing almost 350lbs!!
Rich Piana Louis Vuitton
The LV bike while sporting gucci
Rich Piana Kai Green
Rich Piana – One of the true Biggest Monsters #monstersdoexist Kai Greene in the World!! The things Kai can do at 300 pounds is unbelievable!! Much Love Much Respect and altogether a sick ass time in NY at naturalbodyinc and everywhere else I ended up at during the 24hrs I was there Killin it!!
Rich Piana Jason Genova
Rich Piana – Oh Hell Ya it went down here in Fl. Jason Genova rolled down here by himself and then got into a limo with myself and all the Florida 5%er’s by himself and rolled with us to the gym!! All I can tell you is it went down here at stayfitgym and Jason Genova survived!!
Rich Piana Jason Genova
Rich Piana – This pic was taken after Jason Genova agreed to slapbox with me for 30 seconds. I asked him why he ordered a 66 and purposely tried to screw up up all my social media for no reason? I never did anything to him and never met him, never said or did anything towards him. He admitted he was wrong and said he was sorry and I said how about for payback we slapbox for 30 seconds? He agreed and stood up to me like a man and I give him Mad respect! He admitted he was wrong and said he learned a valuable lesson and is no longer going to order 66 on people. He realizes that our social media is a valuable marketing tool we use for our business and our livelihood. We shook hands and hugged and everything is good! Then we took a bunch of pics together. So it’s all good! Jason Genova mad respect brother now that we are all good lets film some training videos together. Now everyone can post this up on their YouTube and get tons of views to hopefully make some money!
Rich Piana huge
Rich Piana – Good Morning!! Here is a hotel shot I kept my weight between 310 and 315 while in Australia which is amazing considering I was only eating between 4-6 meals and snacking on carbs in between!! Well I just got off the plane and heading home! Can’t wait to see my beautiful Sara Piana and get to filming some videos “God Damn it”!!
Rich Piana The Mountain Hafthor Bjornsson
Rich Piana – We hung out with truly The Biggest Man in the sport Tho Bbjornsson and his girlfriend andreasif and had a great time!! We killed arms at Golds Venice and yes got that on video!! I felt like a little kid next to him!! Pics do no justice when you see Thor “The Mountain” in person it’s unbelievable!! He was here filming a commercial and he is doing big things which is great to see!! It’s awesome to see other athletes doing well and making a great living off of the sport!! He’s going in the right direction and we will see Big things from this monster in the future!! He is a true 100% champion at heart and wants to win The Strongest Man in the World title this year more than anything! I believe he is the favorite to win this year and I believe that is what is going to happen!! He is weighing 400lbs in this pic!!
Rich Piana Golds gym Venice
Rich Piana – Golds gym Venice with some #legends and yes #monstersdoexist bigmendy chriscormier2 flexatronrhoden gabemoen how could you not with these monsters!! I Killed arms with Gabe and Big Scot was also training arms curling 135lb Dumbbells like they were 30’s!!
Rich Piana guns
Playing around with a little toy at taran_tactical_innovations
Rich Piana guns shooting range
Rich Piana – I had the honor of being invited back to taran_tactical_innovations to shoot with the master himself! Sara Piana and I learned so much it’s amazing! Spent the day with these incredible people Jennifer Irene and Josh Duhamel who is out flexin me but I think I out angled him! Also officialamyjane who worked with us and taught us so much she really knows her stuff!!
Rich Piana Gucci shoes
Rich Piana – Bigger by the Day 4 is uploaded on my Rich Piana YouTube channel!! Training legs with mactrucc_wesboxley #limo #gucci #gold45lbplates we have upped the cardio 5min and added 10 grams of carbs to each of the 4 meals! The #realfood #eggwhites247 post workout shake even though it’s 100% real food it does not count in the 4 meals!! Any shakes, protein bars, protein cookies also are snacks and for enjoyment and do not count as meals! Eventually we will be up to 12 meals a day, 2hr workouts and over an hour of cardio!! Right now we are on easy street with 4 meals, 45min-1hr workouts and 20min of cardio!! Can’t forget the Feeder workouts every night and vacuums everyday!! Let the craziness begin!!
Rich Piana gladiator
Rich Piana – Welcome to our World! Most People would not last 2 min In our World! Most people cannot understand Our World!! The World of doing Whatever it Takes to reach our Goals! Never give up and keep pushing harder and harder everyday! No Mercy!
Rich Piana fight
Rich Piana – I would like to apologize to my real fans, friends and followers about being taken off course from why you guys follow me and watch my videos. These things happen all the time and I always just ignore and keep moving forward doing what I do! There are so many videos on YouTube of people talking and I always ignore them. For me and a lot of you out there it’s so obvious what’s going on and why they are doing what they are doing but for the people that don’t know much about this business they are clueless. They are trying to capitalize off of my name and success and it works and if I get sucked in and reply back then it really works! I said in my first reply video to prophetmuscle let’s do this right now! I said you’re not going to fight me you are going to drag this out and try and make as much money as possible! He now posted up exactly what I said in my video is they want to have the fight in Vegas with real promoters and we could make hundreds even millions of dollars! I don’t know who you think you are but that could never happen! Lol! I’m popular and have a good following but not because I’m a fighter and you are nobody! The truth be told neither of us are fighters! I know you are after fame but the way your trying to get it that will never happen! So realize who and what you are and let’s meet at any gym you choose at anytime! You can bring your referee and pick the gym and everything can be on your terms! Also now there are NO excuses so pick a gym and a day a time and we can both shut up and handle this! I’m so sick of this nonsense and hopefully everyone that didn’t see through this now does and in the future will realize why people do this kind of thing! I’m sure his next words are not a date and time but more excuses! I’m done after this prophetmuscle you can waste the rest of your life posting and obsessing over me! Haters are the biggest fans! They hate you yet watch all your videos and know everything about you! Spend your time on you not Rich Piana!
Rich Piana expo
How is this for an epic pic of some awesome athletes! Incredible people an awesome day at the Expo!! Love this!!
Rich Piana crew Europe expo
Rich Piana – Sick Ass group shot from the Orlando Europa Expo!! Thanks to all my awesome athletes and all the awesome people I met and hung out with!!
Rich Piana clothing
Rich Piana – Crazy Ass Pump!! Skin Thinner Veins Poppin getting Leaner while Getting Bigger!! 307lbs and Leaner than I was at 276lbs which is Obvious to my eyes? I will post an Ab shot soon to confirm the Obvious!! The crazy thing is my physical outer shell is about 10% of my concerns and goals in life! 90% is success and financial freedom and living life the way I choose!! working out is a hobby and something I enjoy doing and always will enjoy doing but success and making money is my life don’t get it twisted!! Yes I take gear and that’s the drug of my choice cause I enjoy it!! The guy that drinks, the guy that smokes, smokes pot, does Coke, speed, whatever they choose its their life and their choices!! Be a good person try and make a positive difference in the world, help people, compliment people, educate people, supply jobs to help the economy. Have nothing negative to say about anyone, if it doesn’t hurt you or affect you in anyway then who cares?? Worry about your life, your family, your wife/husband and making yourself better. The 1st lesson to be successful in life is worry about yourself not everyone around you! That will get you NOWHERE!!
Rich Piana clothing
Rich Piana – Pic taken today weighing 307lbs!! My goal was to gain 30lbs in 3 months and I’ve gained 31lbs in 4 weeks and I am leaner than I was when I started 4 weeks ago!! My waist is still tight and abs are deeper so I believe I can afford to add another 13lbs and still keep my structure and shape at 320lbs.
Rich Piana car maserati
Rich Piana – Vegas!! Trump hotel great for quick stays no casino and a Chipotle and awesome pizza place in mall right across the street!! About the brake calipers yes I should of did red like everyone else out their never be unique always copy and mimic everyone else!! Compared to all my other vehicles this is bone stock yet it still stands out from the crowd!! Everything I am or do stands out from the crowd!! People talk but its better than going around blending in and being average your whole life!!
Rich Piana bike
Rich Piana – Rollin around Gardena with mactrucc_wesboxley on a beautiful sunny day!! It’s hard to explain the euphoric high, powerful, adrenaline feeling you get when riding! Everyone that rides knows what I’m talking about. Almost like training but nothing beats simply Killing it in the gym!! Feeling like your on top of the world looking down!!
Rich Piana bigger
Rich Piana – Here is a pic from Friday night at the hotel after carb loading at the Arnold Expo all day!! Just kept getting leaner and fuller by the min!! So much leaner than I was when I started Bigger by the Day at 276lbs! 35lbs gain and WAY WAY leaner than when I started!! Crazy !!
Rich Piana ben and jerrys
Rich Piana – At Von’s in Porter Ranch because that’s the only place that sells Sara Piana’s favorite Ben & Jerry’s which is cinnamon buns!!
Rich Piana arms
Rich Piana – You have 5 pairs of Sick Ass headphones but you leave them at the house and end up buying the ones they sell at the gym for $20! Then you realize the ones from the gym sound just as good as the $300 ones! Story of my life!!
Rich Piana arms
Rich Piana – TRY THIS !! Pick a light weight between 20lbs and 40lbs that you can hit 20-30 reps with. Your going to do 4 sets nonstop pumping out as many reps as possible and squeezing every rep for a split second while contracted. Fighting through the the pain and goal is to bring as much pain and burn as possible! Just try this and you will Love it!!
Rich Piana arm
Rich Piana – Arnold Australia I am here and I am Ready!! Is Australia Ready?? It is going to be off the Hook this whole weekend!! #weareallinthistogether like a Big #family So show up representing and come hang out with me at the 5%er booth!! Not just a pic and a hand shake I want to get to know every one at the Expo God Damn it!! I can’t wait this is my 3rd year back to Austrailia and I Love it here!!
Rich Piana abs
Rich Piana – “Bigger by the Day” Day 27 Big Leg Day!! There will be no video today (that really sucks) yes and sorry about that!! There will be days when I just can’t film and edit a video but everyone will still be doing the workout including myself!! Get up and first thing is All Day You May!! Then 30 min of cardio then supplements then breakfast. Vacuums 3 sets of 20 seconds then hit the gym to Kill legs!! Lying leg curls 6 sets of 30-24-18-12-10-8 Seated leg curls 4 sets of -16-12-10-8 stiff legged deadlifts 4 sets of 12 reps!! Then stretch out those hamstrings!! Leg press 5 sets 40-35-30-25-20 Leg extension 4 sets of 20. Go back to the leg press and final light set of 100 reps!! Stretch out those quads then drink post workout shake! Which is 10 egg whites 60 grams of carbohydrates 10g creatine. 5 more meals and Feeders 3 sets of side laterals super set with bent over rear laterals of 100 reps each set.
Rich Piana airplane
Rich Piana – First class garbage! People really think they take care of you in first class the food is awful! II need the extra room but if I was normal size I would definitely not waste my money! Truly is a joke! Pic was taken on my way to Dallas Europa!! Sara Piana and I missed our first flight because we were late and arrived at 11pm late thurs night!! Craziness!!
Rich Piana abs
Rich Piana – What feels better the RESULTS you SEE from busting your ass Killin it in the gym or actually Killing it in the gym?? Same question what feels better the MONEY you make from Killin it or the feeling you get of just knowing your Killin it!!
Rich Piana 5% crew
Rich Piana – Here posted up with some of the NY 5%ers we Killed it!! Had a great time and met so many cool ass people and I have to say this event was like an expo! Not 100’s of people but 1000’s it was insane!!
Rich Piana fight
Rich Piana – I was challenged to a cage fight by a supposedly Top MMA Fighter! My answer will be posted on my YouTube channel before midnight tonight! He is going to pay me 20grand (chump change) that he s showing on camera like its millions!! The videos he has posted are complete BS they are edited and cut up and voices dubbed and I think the last one makes it all pretty obvious that it’s 100% BS!! Anyone that watches my videos will realize what he is trying to portray in his videos is 100% false! He takes bits and pieces and puts them together to make it seem Completely different than it actually was! All he has done is go after and attack people that are better than him, more successful and that mind there own business and only worry about themselves! He wanted to fight Jay Cutler why? Jay is a great guy doesn’t mess with anyone doesn’t talk just a REAL athlete that has accomplished so much!! Now he’s making money doing what he loves! You want to fight him? You confront him at his place of business to fight him? WTF is wrong with you? You are a real MMA fighter? No MMA fighter would challenge someone who doesn’t fight and has done nothing to them to a fight!! Phill Heath? Same bs! These are bodybuilders not fighters! They are REAL accomplished athletes that are very successful! If you worked on yourself maybe one day you could be successful but making videos about challenging people to fight for no reason and are not even fighters is not going to make you famous!!