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Robin Gallant – Glutes are my favourite body part to train, and I am not ashamed
I train glutes/lower body 2-3 times per week and do a variety of different exercises. Since glutes are prone to go “silent” and require mindful activation, I am an advocate of trying/experimenting with many different exercises and finding ones that are most effective for you (ones that you actually feel in your glutes). I show many of my workouts on my youtube channel!
Top lululemon
Leggings aloyoga
Shoes adidas tubular viral
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Robin Gallant – Happy Monday!! I’m so happy because I’m finally feeling better today.
In my experience as a lifter/coach, the best thing to do when you’re sick is to take the time off the gym you need to fully recover, otherwise you’ll likely prolong your illness. So I forced myself to take 2 days off – even after taking the week off while roadtripping.
Im about to hit lower body/glutes to celebrate! I’m gonna snap my workout so check it out of you are interested! robingallantt
Crops: Gymshark Women / gymshark, I’m wearing a size XS but a S would fit well too. I’m 112 lbs 5’2.5″
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Robin Gallant – When I initially saw this photo, the first thing I thought was “woah my lat”
Just 7 days until shorts, beach and poolside weather.
And 3 day until I’m in Toronto for the Toronto pro show! I will be walking around the expo.
Then I’ll be in Chicago for a few days then driving through the states or maybe flying to Kelowna.
What are your favourite gyms in Toronto and Chicago?! ty in advance
Bra and shorts: gymshark women gymshark
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Robin Gallant – We hiked to the falls yesterday with family, Jeff’s dad Bill theteamworkladder and Holly hollyholski, bro Brad Nippard and little sister Gen. We had a picnic and a fire & roasted marshmallows (It’s all documented on my snapchat!) I love spending time with loved ones in the outdoors, my favourite combo.
Seamless shirt & mesh leggings both gymshark women
Robbin Gallant pink gym
Robin Gallant – Old pic because I’m still really sick (with the flu) and therefore can’t produce quality selfies.
I can’t wait to go back to LA and train at barbell brigade again next month, it’s one of my favourite gyms for sure.
Also, happy Father’s Day to all of the dads!
And thanks for recommendations you guys left on my last post for hair/lash/nail spots in Kelowna.
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Robin Gallant – I’m chipping away at emails/work that piled up while I was away and searching for a place for Jeff and I to live in Kelowna BC, since we’re moving in a month (!), and I can’t help but take occasional breaks to look over the photos from my first two photoshoots.
I still can’t believe it all! I didn’t have anything booked solidly before I left to LA, so it’s unreal to be back home with these accomplishments.
I’m obsessedddddd with the new DRY Sculpture Gymshark leggings and crops (HELLO MESH) and the full range just released today! Check out the gymshark women website (I’m on the main page) to shop what’s left!!! (Everything sold out fast!) I’m a size XS and wear XS or size 2-4 in most leggings!
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Robin Gallant – Not gonna lie, I feel like sporty spice right now
I’ll be taking over the Gymshark snapchat today to record my workout! So head over to snap and follow GymSharkTV if you’re interested.
I’m wearing the new gymshark women Burnout leggings which are coming out May 26th! My sports bra is seamless mint and black doubled up. I’m a size XS in all!
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Robin Gallant – Just finished editing/uploading my last LA vlog, and I’m kind of glad I left it so late (sorry guise) because it was a nice way to remember/relive this awesome day. Gymshark photoshoot (my second ever photoshoot) training OHP and bench (incapacitating my pecs/anterior delts for a week) with Jazmine @jazzypooo, grabbing donuts with Jazmine, Nikki and Varisa, and finally an epic cheat meal with @em_dunc and Jazmine (well epic food for Em and I and diet food for Jazz LOL). This was one of the best days of my entire LA trip, and is definitely a day I will never forget! #isuckatcheesyposts #butthiswasagoodday #awkwardfakelaughing #mychinsaresurfacing #thankfulfortheawesomepeopleigettohangoutwith #gymsharkwomen
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Robin Gallant – Since I missed humpday.
Hope you all are having a great Friday!
We still don’t have wifi for another week living out of coffee shops and off of LTE.
I need to get back on my social media game! I’ve been spending the last few days catching up on coaching responsibilities. Next I need to edit YouTube videos!
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Robin Gallant – The new coordinating sets though. Gymshark women (dropping July 15th)
I have really exciting news!!! Well for me at least – hopefully for some of you too!
I will be taking part in the Gymshark World Tour 2016 – East Coast (first part), along with Nikki Blackketter and @lex_fitness #SOEXCITED
New York City – July 23
Philadelphia – July 28
D.C. – July 30
I hope to see some of you there!!!
Weighing in a little heavier at 114 (I’m 5’2″ and being very light runs in my family – usually I think that weight is light for someone my height) so I might do a little cut and document it leading into the East Coast Tour.
Robbin Gallant gymshark top
Robin Gallant  -Body built by consistent training over the past three years, two leg days a week, and healthy (intuitive) eating… With a few treats here and there.
PS: I just did a review/try on of this outfit and the rest of the new gymsharkwomen’s line that was released today!! If you care/want to watch, you can check it out on gymshark’s snapchat
GymSharkTV – it was super fun to do and I even got to use a personalized snapchat filter
Robbin Gallant gymshark new
Robin Gallant – I love my new “neutral blonde” by @hairby_charlotte (my hair transformation is on her page if you want to check it out!) Thank you to those who recommended her to me on IG she is so talented and innovative. It was awesome to spend time with another female entrepreneur who is working hard to pursue her passion and make her dreams a reality.
Andddd HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY GYMSHARK! another (huge) example of young, motivated individuals!! I’m am seriously so grateful to be a part of the Gymshark family and to take part in their journey. It’s crazy to think how far they’ve come and even crazier to imagine where they’ll be in another 4 years.
It feels so great to surround myself with passionate, driven people – talk about uplifting.#blessed
Also new video up on my channel!
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Robin Gallant – ‘Bout to go train lower body in my new Gymshark form compression leggings. These ones are very similar in construction to the flex 2 leggings – aka I LOVE THEM. They’re gonna be another favourite for lower body days. I’ve heard of neg reviews on the elastic waist band leggings, but I personally loooove the waistband! They stay up on the hips, no constant pulling up of your pants req., and the higher waist cut is flattering imo. This colourway is navy blue and mint, which matches all the seamless mint stuff! Here I’m wearing the mint seamless bra/crop. I’m a size XS in everything!
EDIT RE: LEGGINGS: so many comments saying these leggings are see through! CONTACT GYMSHARK the best way to remedy this problem! I honestly don’t have a problem with these and def not the flex 2! Sorry guys I wish I could have given advice in advance, but go 1 size up if you can exchange or are thinking about buying!
I recently got a discount code – so you can use ROBIN10 for 10% off your order!
Also shout out to my baeFF em_dunc for hooking me up with the adidas tubular defiants
Robbin Gallant gym
Robin Gallant – Loving the aqua and slate blue combo. I just finished a shoulder workout at GainZ gym in the little town of Grand Falls, Newfoundland. We’re in town for Newfoundland’s first drug-tested bodybuilding show!! And to visit family before we move to Kelowna in June.
Huge congrats to all the competitors, you all looked AWESOME on stage! And congratulations to my good frand/longterm athlete princess_sinderella for killing it on the platform today! (She improved her total by 27 lbs at only her second meet, just 3.5 months after her first meet!) #proudcoach
For the structure tights in slate blue, I recommend choosing a size up! #oatfit (bra & leggings) gymsharkwomen
EDA tfw posted pretty much the exact same selfie two photos ago
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Robin Gallant – Told you guys I would start switching up my poses. #ididnotusethismachine
AUGHH it felt good to get back into the gym after taking a full week off that is the longest time off the gym since I started going to the gym 3+ years ago.
My body felt inflexible and weak after 3 days of straight driving and 10 hours sitting on the computer yesterday (catching up on emails and programs – ah felt good to get back to work!), and I had very little strength stamina or work capacity. But, at the same time, a week off didn’t kill me, and if anything I noticed my muscles looked fuller and I definitely have renewed motivation. I think if I practiced mobility/active recovery rather than been seated the whole week, I would feel fresh and strong as well.
I think there is value to taking several days or a few weeks off the gym.
IF YOU’RE FORCED TO TAKE TIME OFF due to work/school/exams/traveling/injury/recovery, here are my tips to making the most of it:
Don’t restrict your food intake or put yourself in a deficit. No training and a deficit puts you more at risk to lose muscle.
Do make sure you eat enough protein (1 g per lb bodyweight) and space it evenly through 4-5 meals/day.
Stretch everyday – both static and dynamic stretching.
Foam roll and/or get a therapeutic massage.
If it’s an option, do some light activity every few days. Walking, hiking or playing a sport.
I hope those tips helped!
Jeff and I arrived in Kelowna at 3 am yesterday morning, and are staying in a hotel until our cross-country moving truck arrives tomorrow. We picked up our keys to our new place today! It’s so pretty. We’ve been pretty cooped up with work, so I haven’t got a chance to fully experience Kelowna, but I’m excited to this week! Wearing gymshark
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Robin Gallant – I finally got a selfie in my new Gymshark dry fit structure leggings. I’ve never seen lighter coloured mesh leggings, so I’m obsessed with these heather grey crops and the heather slate blue full length leggings.
I would recommend sizing up in the grey and light blue and staying true to size in the black and navy crops/leggings if you’re a 4 that’s size XS and S. I’ll let you guys know when the dry fit structure line is due to be back in stock as soon as I know! But make sure you’re following gymsharkwomen in the meantime for updates!
(I just got my discount code, so if you do want to buy the leggings when they’re back in stock, you may use ROBIN10 to save moulah.)
Shoes are adidas tubular viral
Robbin Gallant grey top
Robin Gallant – Morning bicep flex I trained…. Arms (just arms, it was weird) with Jeff Nippard yesterday for his YouTube since I owe him for the glute workouts I’ve put him through in the past, so look out for that in the next week or so! #tb to LA. Also it looks like I have a tiny cute imphoreals standing on my bicep
Bra & leggings: gymsharkwomen
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Robin Gallant – #BOOTYCONTOUR leggings. We’re now back in Halifax and getting ready for our big move!!! Atlantic coast Pacific coast. While away in Newfoundland, we signed on a really nice condo in Kelowna, BC I’m so excited and can’t wait to show you guys!!
I’m flying to Toronto to meet up with gymshark for the Toronto Pro Show and Expo (Gymshark won’t have a booth, I’ll be walking around) and then I meeting Jeff Nippard and Brad Nippard in Toronto and we’ll drive down through Chicago and the western states to get to Kelowna.
It’s going to be a crazy next few weeks!!
PS I do have vlogs coming!! Make sure to subscribe so you get the notification!
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Robin Gallant – That background though just like everyone who’s had the opportunity to try these gymsharkwomen cropped hoodies, my review is: I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM. THEY ARE SO CUTE. The exposed shoulder
The hoodies along with other new gymsharkwomen released are available JUNE 30th!
Also, I sized up in the sculpture leggings (pictured) to a small, and they fit so much better!! Yay! room #gymshark #gymsharkwomen lots more pics of the new range to come so excited
Robbin Gallant golds gym
Robin Gallant – See I have somewhat of an upper body if you’re interested in seeing the ARM workout Jeff put me through yesterday, it’s up on his channel, the link is in his bio Jeff Nippard.
The reason why I usually don’t train arms directly is because I get enough indirect arm work from pull (back) exercises and push (shoulders/chest) exercises for biceps and triceps, respectively. I also have well developed triceps from my days of benching 3x per week powerlifting, and I genetically have peaked biceps. The size my arms are now is what I prefer on my body.
I split my 2 upper body sessions into delts and back/rear delts. I usually train abs on upper body days!
Photo cred: bae aka em_dunc
Robin Gallant flex
Robin Gallant – I had an AMAZING legs/glute workout last night and snapped all of it with sets and reps!
I love snapchat because it’s like vlogging, but you get to skip the editing step
However I will be catching up on vlogs this week! Sorry guys it has been crazy with almost a month of traveling mashed into a cross-country move and on-and-off being sick. I’ll definitely be back on YouTube!
I’m wearing an XS in these gymsharkwomen crops, but I think a small would fit better. My discount code is ROBIN10 🙂
Robin Gallant Canada
Robin Gallant – #views
Suede bra top: aritzia
Shorts: levis thrifted 90’s mom jeans, hand cut, bleached and destroyed by yours truly in year 2 uni
Sandals: blondestore
Necklace & choker: forever21
Canada flag: fashioned (on my snapchat robingallantt)
Jeff Nippard
Robin Gallant Canada
Robin Gallant – Proud to be Canadian
How I eat on special occasions/holidays:
Generally I take an intuitive eating approach and have a lean protein, fruit/veggie, carb source and fat source (I eat lower fat, higher carb though, so less fat) for every meal
When healthy/lower fat options are available, choose them!
Eat lighter during the day in anticipation of evening snacks/drinks.
Enjoy one “free meal” with apps/dessert and a few drinks!
Allow yourself to have/enjoy the foods you REALLY want, and simply don’t feel the need to try everything that you’re not craving just because it’s available.
One celebration per month won’t set you back! Enjoy yourself and don’t feel guilty. (Contest prep is different – ask your coach for instructions!).
I can’t wait to watch the fireworks over the Okanagan from our rooftop balcony
#canadaday #canadian #canada
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Robin Gallant – STRETCH I’ve been incorporating more dynamic and static stretching into my routine before and after training. I find it allows me to perform better during and recover faster after training. Every time I skip or half-do a prehab mobility session it catches up to me and I regret it. Let me know if prehab/mobility/warm-up is something you’d like to see on YouTube!
Also Id like to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for the plethora of birthday wishes left for me via IG, snapchat, and text (and Facebook although I haven’t been on yet). I’ve read and appreciate all, and I got back to almost all on snapchat! (I like snapchat because I find it’s a cool way to interact with you!) I vlogged and snapped on my birthday, and yesterday I took a day off of my phone completely for a “me” day! Today I’m finishing editing my last LA vlog ft. Jazmine, then Q&A and birthday vlog
MESH LEGGINGS & BRA: gymsharkwomen
Photo: the talented imphoreals
Robin Gallant beach
Robin Gallant – It was bright
So!! I have good news if you were planning to pick up some gymshark sweg…!

Starting today JULY 4, until JULY 31, there’s a SUMMER SALE across the whole site – 70% off selected lines! – to celebrate Gymshark’s 4th birthday

While the sale is going on, there’s a COMPETITION: If you do make a purchase during the sale (can be anything!) you will be automatically entered into a draw! JULY 31 when the sale ends, 3 winners will be chosen:

1st Winner Gymshark Black Card: For an entire year, the winner will receive every piece of Gymshark clothing that?s being released before launch, just like a Gymshark Athlete.
2nd Winner: Gymshark Gift Card to be used in store (£150 approx $200 USD / $255 CAD)
3rd Winner: Gymshark Gift Card to be used in store (£50 approx $65 USD / $85 CAD)
Pretty excited stuff and definitely worth telling you guys imo

Robin Gallant barbell brigade
Robin Gallant – When internet friends become REAL LIFE FRIENDS em_dunc yamimufdi ohilyssa an awesome experience lifting at Barbell Brigade today. It’s very much a power/weight lifting gym, so I’m going to have to do a few PL specific lifting seshes
Robin Gallant adidas
Robin Gallant – my current physique goals are to bring up my upper chest (I want my split back), delts, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves and to lean out a tiiiiiny bit:
Update on the Gymshark World Tour East coast segment – the locations/times are:
NYC Times Square JULY 23
Philadelphia Art Museum JULY 28
DC Washington Monument JULY 30
All at 12 noon EST!
If you’re in the area, please stop by – I really hope to meet some of you there! I really enjoyed the meet ups in Toronto #ihavemoreexperiencenow #basicallyextroverted #lovetalkingtoyouguys #conversationsnormallygetsciencey:
And of course Nikki Blackketter and Llex Fitness will be there
Oh and the gymshark women undies and ankle socks and other cool accessories launched yesterday! I wear an XS 🙂
Robin Gallant hair
Robin Gallant – All grey everythang // um I am BLOWN AWAY by the supportive comments on my last post!!! Like wat. This is why I share my life on social media – I get to connect with so many cool, like-minded people. // I am writing up notes for a VIDEO talking about my surgery, the recovery, why I did it and the implications (few people asked about powerlifting) it can be Q&A, so please leave a comment below and I’ll respond! #feelinggood
Robin Gallant
Robin Gallant – Kelowna is so beautiful. #lookout #samepantsdifferentday #andbuttpose #anothaone