Watch this compilation of 8 time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s greatest ever lifts featuring an 800 lb squat for reps, 2300 lb leg press, and 200 lb peanut dumbbell presses.


  • 315 lb military pres for 12 reps
  • 540 lb corner row for 9 reps
  • 800 lb deadlift for 2 reps
  • 495 lb bentover row for 8 reps
  • 200 lb incline dumbbell press for 7 reps
  • 200 lb flat dumbbell press for 12 reps
  • 585 lb front squat for 4 reps
  • 500 lb bench press for 5 reps
  • 800 lb squat for 2 reps
  • 2300 lb leg press for 8 reps
  • 160 lb shoulder press for 7 reps
  • 735 lb barbell shrugs for 11 reps


My team put together a compilation of my greatest lift ever caught on video. Some of my best stuff was never even captured on camera though as phones with cameras didn’t exist back then. These ones aren’t too bad though, YEAH BUDDY!

Ronnie Coleman
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Ronnie Coleman Hall of Fame
One of the biggest honors I’ve received post winning 8 Mr Olympia titles being inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame. Had a great class of Johnny Bench, Kurt Angle, Royce Gracie, and AnnMaria DeMars who happens to be Ronda Rousy’s mom. I left the hospital and came directly to this event. There was no way in the world I was missing this event. I was in the hospital for a whole month before coming here. As y’all can see Arnold himself was also at this event.


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