Dwayne Johnson is getting his very own signature training shoe. The Rock Under Armour shoe is said to be releasing early next year as part of Dwayne’s Project Rock collaboration with Under Armour. Project Rock has seen Under Armour training shirts sky rocket with Blood, Sweat, and Respect shirts becoming their new best seller. In a similar fashion to Kevin Hart’s signature Nike Free Train Instinct shoes, the sportswear giant will be capitalizing on the popularity of Hollywood’s biggest star. The Rock shoe prototype is also remarkably similar to Kevin Hart’s Instincts with motivational phrases written over the ankle-high upper. The shoe is finished off with a gold Under Armour logo and Project Rock logo on the heel. Stay tuned for more updates on the training shoe up to their release in 2017.






The Rock Under Armour shoe
The Rock – Helluva lot of grit and sexiness goin’ down in this pic. My new Rock Under Armour shoe, available for you at the top of 2017. I’ll train in these prototypes daily for the rest of 2016 improving them, so by the time they drop they’ll be ready to help you chase that greatness.
And one chalked up, messed up lookin’ sexy calloused hand.
The Rock Under Armour shirt
The Rock – BIG NEWS: You’ve made our Project Rock shirts, Under Armour’s #1 seller. *LINK TO SHOP IS IN MY BIO.
As many of you know, I created Project Rock to help as many of you get after your goals as possible. We’re all a work in progress – every one of us. Regardless of what color we are, where we’re from or what we do to earn a living – we’re all about just getting better and willing to put in the daily hard work to get it done.
Keep working hard everyone. More #ProjectRock drops coming soon and keep destroying the gym in your new shirts.