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Ulisses Jr
Looking forward to a Powerful Leg Session today. The foundation must be built from the ground up. Let the carnage begin. LEGGO!
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Never beg for what you can earn
Ulisses Jr
Ulisses – “Dedication and Will Power Conquers everything” Never Give Up!
Looking forward to a powerful Arm session today. Gonna blast these cannons up real hard and also work on my stubborn calves. Progression is key. Anything worth having takes time so stay on the course. Your dedication should have no Limitation.
Ulisses Jr
Great memories with the #Squad Discussing the importance of Aesthetics & GAINZ with Jaco de Bruyn, Sergi Constance, Simeon Panda and Lazar Angelov (Not Pictured). Awesome trip for wawanprotein in Kuwait. Tag your Squad. #SquadGoals
Sergi – Ulisses, you may have Aesthetics but We’ve got GAINZ.
Ulisses – Hmmm.
Jaco – Tell him Sergi! We’ve got GAINZ!
Simeon – I’ve got BOTH so don’t need to be in this conversation.
Lazar – You guys are going in too deep. I’m out! I’ll be back STRONGER!
Ulisses Jr
Ulisses – Had so much fun catching up with my #IronAddict Brother Mike Rashid
Certified Beast! Awesome family guy. Keep up the good work. See you soon my brother.
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Ulisses Jr
Ulisses – “Attack your goals hard” Had a great Cobra #Back and #Triceps workout yesterday. Did some Row Variations and a Killa Triceps Combo finisher. Will upload the video soon.
Checkout sp_aesthetics for these Dope Just Lift. ‘Two Tone’ Stringers
Ulisses Jr
ShredzAthlete The Art of Posing or as I like to call it…..The Art of Presentation. Had a good Posing Session today after my workout powered by #Shredz. Posing Presentation is vital and aid’s in your preparation for competing. Some people think I’m crazy to schedule weekly posing session, however it’s helped me greatly over the years during my competitions. It’s also aid’s with muscle maturity. Make your you perfect your craft and stay dedicated. #Dedication
Ulisses Jr
Ulisses – Great Cobra #Back Session yesterday. Will upload the video soon. #dedication
Ulisses Jr
#AbsCheck Had a good #Core / #Abs Session yesterday. I focused on all cable movements to activate the core / Abdominal wall from all angles. I also had a lite 20mins cardio. I’ll upload the video soon.
Ulisses Jr
Ulisses – “Motivation gets you halfway. Action does the rest”! Never give up! #CrucifixPose #GoldenEra #Aesthetics
Ulisses Jr
#TBT with Sharah Ulisses on our #Vegas trip last year. Can’t wait for our next trip together. Got some exciting trips coming up this year. Will keep everyone posted on dates and locations.
Ulisses Jr
Ulisses – Another Killa Arms Session is about to go down. I’m gonna load up these guns with some heavy movements for serious Mass #Gains. Then cap it off with a brutal finisher for the usual Savage Pump!
Ulisses Jr
Ulisses – #ShredzAthlete Great #Leg session the other day, even tho it was my 2nd leg workout for the week. I tried some really cool leg machines to change things up a bit. I was visiting family and when I’m on the road I like stopping in at other gyms and trying out different equipments. It’s always good to mix things up a bit and try something different from your normal routine. Had a great leg circuit workout, super-setting Hamstrings and Quads. I also got in a quick Posing Practice session after my leg workout. I’ll upload the videos soon. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Ive had a great weekend visiting family. Looking forward to another productive week ahead. #Dedication
Ulisses Jr Simeon Panda Bradley Martyn
#TBT Chillin with a few Monster’s Bradley Martyn and Simeon Panda and some #Legends in the back. Tag your #Squad
#Aesthetics #Throwback to Gold’s Gym, LA
Ulisses Jr
Ulisses – “Passion is born when you catch a glimpse of your potential” #GoldenEra #Aesthetics
Ulisses Jr
ShredzAthlete Good #Core / Abs session earlier today. I’m taking a few days off from heavy training. I usually do this every 3 months to let my physique recharge. During this time off, I still do some core / abs along with stretching and some functional cardio work. I also stay on my supps for added recovery with #Shredz BCAA/Glutamine stack. The dedication never stops even with a few days off. #Dedication
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“The best investment you will ever make is in yourself” #Dedication
#Throwback At MuscleWorks Gym catching a killer Boulders & Biceps workout with @wawanprotein teammate @__teller__ Will post the video soon.
Ulisses Jr Kai Greene
WHEN AESTHETICS & MASSTHETICS COLLIDE. Chillin with my #IronAddict brother Kai Greene before our #MortalKombat workout in #LasVegas This is no longer #beastmode, it’s #Animality #MortalKombat #ApexPredators
Ulisses Jr Mercedes
Ulisses – #Tbt Missing that LA sunshine. Looking forward to visiting again soon. #aesthetics #photoshoot
Ulisses Jr Phil Heath
#TBT Myself and @fitarita01 had cool time meeting and chatting with The Gift – 5X Mr Olympia Phil Heath at #CityAthleticClub. One of the many highlights of Olympia Weekend.
Keep up the great work bro.
Ulisses Jr
Yesterday myself and Simeon Panda had a crazy workout at the Villa, can’t wait to show you guys the footage. We finished off with chin ups in the pool on the bridge. #DoYouEvenVillaPullups #CobraBackDetail
Photo by: RebeccaAndrewsFilms
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Ulisses – NO EXCUSES! Everyone has the same 24 hours, 7 days a week. We make time for what we truly want.
Mindset is everything. Change what holds you back and make progress.
Ulisses Jr Simeon Panda
Looking forward to a Killer Arms session with my boy Simeon Panda
Let mayhem begin. Tag your #training Partner
Pic: #FBF Photo Shoot Last Year.